SevOne Network Performance Management – Now Powered by IBM

SevOne Network Performance Management – Now Powered by IBM

There’s an old saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.  

In 2005, a network architect working at a Fortune 500 company foresaw a significant threat to his ability to manage network performance. Simply put, the legacy network performance monitoring systems he was working with could not keep up with the demands of the business. Constantly forced to make tradeoffs between how much data he could consistently collect, how much detailed analysis of the data he could trust, and how quickly he could gain insights from it all created significant complications for his IT organization. 

 An IT professional’s top priority is to keep the network up and optimized for performanceIT pros often had to make these types of tradeoffsleading to bottlenecks, breakdowns, and visibility gaps. He knew there was a better way to tackle this challenge.  

 SevOne, the product, and SevOne, the company, were developed and founded to meet these network performance management (NPMmarket needsSince its founding, SevOne has earned a strong reputation for technical excellence in the NPM market among operators of large networks. Major enterprises, communication service providers, and managed service providers have long recognized that SevOne and its carrier-grade solutions enable them to meet their network performance management requirements. 

 Most readers familiar with this space took notice when Turbonomicthe leader in application resource management, acquired SevOne in 2019. Based in large part on the SevOne brand equity in the NPM market, leaders of the newly combined company decided to keep the SevOne name, both as a product name and as a way to indicate corporate lineage with the “SevOne, a Turbonomic Company” identifier. 

After the acquisition, SevOne continued to provide customers with modern monitoring and analytics solutions that are faster, more flexible, and more scalable than any other product on the market today. By simplifying the extraction and enrichment of metric, flow, and streaming telemetry data across legacy and software-defined, multi-vendor networksSevOne went on helping customers to ensure that optimal network operations and performance always supported their business requirements. 

Initially, the alignment with Turbonomic may not have been apparent. But if you look at where the markets are going, the combination begins to make perfect sense. The mission of Turbonomic Application Resource Management has always been about insight and automation of application infrastructureSevOne Network Performance Management has always been about providing insight to enable automation and control of network infrastructure, often for the same applications. Together, we have an application-aware vision where we will extend network performance with application context from a network operations and engineering perspective. 

More change arrived in April 2021 when IBM announced that it was acquiring Turbonomic and SevOne, building the industry’s most comprehensive AIOps capabilities for hybrid cloud. 

 ‘Mission critical’ may be an over-used term, but it is nonetheless an accurate description of how important effective IT Operations Management is to organizations today. That’s especially true for large communication service providers (CSPs), managed service providers (MSPs), and enterprise networks, many of which are transitioning to complex, multicloud architectures.  

The IT pros to the CTOs responsible for managing those transitions and operating large, distributed networks have long trusted SevOne with their monitoring needs. They recognize that SevOne solutions can handle the most critical and challenging network monitoring jobs better than other solutions on the market today 

For continuity of this strong reputationwe have started retiring SevOne as a company name, but will maintain the SevOne product name as a part of the new product offering announced today by IBM – IBM SevOne Network Performance Management. Over the following months, you will see this brand change occurring as we transition key content from to We want to thank our customers for their loyalty and trust over the last 16 years, while welcoming them on our journey into this next chapter as we look to the future of IT operations. 

While our branding approach may be changing, one thing won’t. SevOne products and solutions will continue helping customers to compete and win in the connected world by increasing their business agility and velocity of delivering new applications and services. And we’re happy to announce we’ll be doing it under the IBM company flag.   

So, the old saying is true here. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Stay tuned for great things to come with IBM SevOne Network Performance Management products in the future!