New Cloud-Native SevOne Data Platform Invites Innovation

New Cloud-Native SevOne Data Platform Invites Innovation

Since its inception, SevOne has been synonymous with highly innovative network and infrastructure management. Today, with the launch of our new, cloud-native SevOne Data Platform, we’ve opened an entirely new chapter of that story.

What’s so different about this next generation of our technology? How does it unlock cool new ways for customers to kick up their innovation a few dozen notches?

The answer is the Platform’s cloud-native architecture. Leveraging all the power, flexibility, and scale the cloud offers, it enables the automation and analytics that are at the heart of organizations’ next-gen infrastructure initiatives, and virtualized networks, applications and services.

SevOne Data Platform makes it easy for customers to gather all types of network and machine data from any source across their multi-vendor environment. Data Platform simplifies and accelerates the enrichment and analysis of real-time data, can seamlessly stream it into leading business intelligence, analytics and automation packages, while also enabling customers to easily create and share visualizations and business specific workflows of actionable insights across the business.  With SevOne Data Platform, customers can minimize service delivery risk and gain all the operational efficiency, responsiveness, and business agility benefits they expect from their transitions to cloud-centric infrastructure models.

The SevOne Data Platform includes three modular offerings – SevOne Data Engine, SevOne Data Insight and SevOne Data Bus – that provide the following capabilities.

  • SevOne Data Engine builds on SevOne’s proven ability to collect “all the data” at carrier and web scale to meet the needs of the world’s largest networks and datacenters. It transforms heterogeneous raw data into actionable, real-time insights to meet the agility, reliability, and business efficiency needs of large enterprises, CSPs and MSPs.
  • SevOne Data Insight transforms physical and virtual operations management environments through customizable visualizations and flexible, shareable workflows that deliver the right insight to the right person, at the right time.
  • SevOne Data Bus enables customers to connect their network and infrastructure data to external data lakes, BI packages, and automation controllers through real-time streams, extending the value of their data beyond that of the traditional operational silos.

The key take-away from today’s announcement is that the SevOne Data Platform simplifies the adoption of next-gen technology that transforms raw data into actionable, real-time insights to meet the agility and efficiency needs of today’s most innovative and complex organizations.