“Our ROI on SevOne is excellent.”

“Our ROI on SevOne is excellent.”

As consumers, we tend to seek out the opinions of others when making a purchasing decision. Whether you ask your parents, friends, or Yelp, or whether the purchase at hand is a meal, a shirt, or a car, the intention is the same: We want to ensure that others who bought the item think they made a good decision.

So wouldn’t that same logic apply to purchasing an infrastructure management tool that’s responsible for assuring the health of your business-critical infrastructure? We think it should, so today we’re sharing some reviews that real SevOne users have posted on IT Central Station.

IT Central Station is often called “Yelp or TripAdvisor for enterprise technology.” Reviews posted on IT Central Station are current and unbiased. The site protects privacy in that users can either post anonymously to freely express their views or use their real names to promote their expertise. Ultimately, the service enables knowledgeable experts, including real users and independent consultants, to share their expertise in a high quality community of decision makers.

Here are three noteworthy reviews on SevOne from real users:

“As an IT Manager, this tool helps me sleep better knowing that SevOne is my eyes and ears watching the entire infrastructure,” said Mr. Antala, Director - Information Technology, at a government organization with 100-1,000 employees. Read his full review here.

“The tool has given a great visibility of what is going on our network and has helped to troubleshoot network-related issues quickly and accurately,” said Mr. Stein, SaaS Engineer - IBM Cloud, at a tech vendor with 1,000+ employees. Read his full review here.

“Our ROI is excellent. SevOne captures production issues and streams events to service teams who monitor our infrastructure. The product also provides pre-emptive production reporting so that any potential issues can be caught before causing a potential outage,” said Mr. O’Connor, Network Management Development and Support at a tech services company with 1,000+ employees. Read his full review here.

See, the proof is in the pudding. Stay tuned; we’ll share more reviews on the blog in the coming months.