Performance Visibility – Flashlights or Stadium Lights

Performance Visibility - Flashlights or Stadium Lights

I found myself speaking to a couple of government employees recently. Their jobs were to manage network performance at their civilian agency. Clearly they were unhappy with the depth and breadth of visibility they were able to get with their current solutions, and they likened the tools they used to flashlights of varying intensity.

Certain "flashlights" would shine brightly in some areas and in others, it was dim to dark. This is what their days were like, which were bad enough - but became worse when demands for explanations, during latency and outages, would pour in.

I was reminded of how difficult life gets when my own family must resort to real flashlights when we have our own small nighttime outages at home. Aside from a few critical well-illuminated rooms, everything else is dim to dark. Calls to the power company are typically met with pre-recorded messages with off-base ETAs for mean time to repair. We've come to resign ourselves to wait out downtime, not really knowing when we'll be back online. It's times like this when my husband threatens to get us off the grid and into the modern world.

In the course of the conversation with my civilian agency contacts, it became clear that with limited to no visibility in some areas of the agency network, for these poor souls, hunting down the cause of problems meant unpleasant and lengthy fires drills and reporting delays that were often 24 hours in coming. "We need stadium lightening," one said at the conclusion of our call.