Platform Enhancement: Operational Insights with Cisco ACI

Platform Enhancement Operational Insights with Cisco ACI

To truly succeed, businesses need data at their fingertips to enable operational insights.

That’s why SevOne – the leading global provider of digital infrastructure management solutions – recently introduced a series of enhancements for the SevOne Digital Infrastructure Management Platform.

The new offerings of SevOne 5.6 are designed to help companies leverage the platform to unlock business agility across the new operational network landscape.

This week, we dive deeper into our Cisco ACI offering. In the coming weeks, we will also feature three other enhancements from the latest release – Flow Alerting, Live Maps and RESTful API.

Monitoring and managing your infrastructure has never been more important.

Before, when your organization was building its datacenter – and the developer wanted to build an application – you needed a new server. Then you needed to scale with the application, so you needed 10 servers.

After ordering the servers, bolting them into cabinets, configuring them for security and adding policies, you were up and running. But that took weeks or months.

SevOne’s Cisco ACI integration is changing the way businesses monitor and manage their infrastructures.

Your infrastructure becomes holistic and boundless with the ACI plugin. A central manager auto discovers devices, groups, policies, metrics and more. By utilizing this integration, teams monitoring their infrastructures will have complete insight and visibility into who and what is connecting when and where.

Operations teams can automatically understand physical and logical network topological relationships. Using a variety of discovery techniques, SevOne displays L2/L3 network connectivity with real-time status overlays. These L2/L3 relationships are stored as metadata and can be accessed via a topographical display or via API.

SevOne 5.6 can also monitor KPIs related to network and infrastructure utilization across enterprise and carrier-based ACI implementations while providing granular reporting and deep performance alerts.

With this integration, network teams reduce their risk of delivering applications and services. Everything is dynamic. When a new device or switch is added, it’s configured on the fly. When new items are added, they are monitored immediately.

Things change every day, and this model keeps you from stressing about changes and alterations on your infrastructure. You’re not losing visibility and you’re not lagging behind in your performance management because you have something to fix all of the sudden.

With SevOne’s Cisco ACI integration, you can be as dynamic as your applications are.

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