Scalability as Defined by SevOne

Scalability as Defined by SevOne

Most vendors throw around the term scalability as a buzzword to ensure their customers they can grow to meet their needs. The fact of the matter is that almost every performance monitoring solution has its breaking point. Vendors hope you will buy enough product and be so invested with them, that you have no choice but to continue and throw good money after bad money.

With traditional performance monitoring architectures, you have a collection layer and a central database. This structure worked when networks were small. But as networks have grown and the number of IP devices has steadily increased, the old style products can't keep up with today's speed requirements. Simply put, they have a bottleneck in their design and this problem will not go away regardless of how much processing horsepower you throw at it, or how well you architect your server clusters.

How Does SevOne Define Scalability? The key metric is speed. Many products can scale but if they can't maintain their speed then scale is meaningless. "Speed at Scale" is how we define scalability. How do we deliver “Speed at Scale?” Our innovative architecture delivers a "peer-to-peer" way of collecting and reporting your performance data.

Our larger customers have over 30,000 network devices and 2,000,000 elements monitored by one SevOne system. Our customers have 1,000 users per day accessing our system, building real-time reports, getting threshold-based alerts and staying ahead of their network problems. To us, it is unacceptable to take anymore than 10 seconds to build a report.

Real-time reports means providing results from the last poll cycle. Our polling intervals go as low as one second per interface, and one minute per device. As an added bonus, we keep the raw data, not averaged, for 12 months.

For our largest customer, we compute 94 billion baseline calculations per week! We give them 5-minute views of how their utilization compares today, to the last 10 weeks. That is Speed at Scale - every indicator across 30,000 network devices.

If you struggle with slow reports, we encourage you to evaluate SevOne and see for yourself. SevOne helps network, server and application teams identify, troubleshoot and resolve performance problems in real-time. Speed at Scale.