“SevOne Enables Us to Troubleshoot Quickly and Reduce MTTR.”

“SevOne Enables Us to Troubleshoot Quickly and Reduce MTTR.”

If you’re researching the best local spot for Italian food or the best place to buy a car, you probably get online and start researching what others have to say. Why wouldn’t you do the same when considering a digital infrastructure management platform?

After all, the business relies on technology more than ever before, making the infrastructure mission-critical to business success. The tool you use to monitor your infrastructure should fit your needs but should also be trusted by fellow professionals in your field.

Those professionals are leaving their honest opinions on IT Central Station, a review site that’s often called the “Yelp for enterprise technology.” Reviews posted on IT Central Station are unbiased, and reviewers can either post anonymously to freely express their views or use their real names to promote their expertise.

Ultimately, the service enables real users to share their expertise in a high quality community of decision makers.

Today we’re sharing three reviews of SevOne from IT Central Station. Read on to see what these users had to say.

“SevOne has the ability to report metrics on specific objects very quickly. Whether it is a week, a month, or a year's worth of data points, SevOne has improved [our organization] by [helping us leverage] short-term vs. long-term memory to provide necessary statistics so we can alleviate network impacts quickly.” - said Mr. Cheng, Lead Analyst, Software Support at a Communications Service Provider with 100-1000 employees. Read the full review here.

“SevOne is a great solution because it is fully scaleable. It detects trends in metrics that prevent saturation, high temperatures in data centers, and provides visibility into the elements that help us verify real-time events. It analyzes events affecting the services we provide to our customers, and it helps to plan improvements that are reflected in our customers being satisfied with the services we provide. We had an evaluation of the best solutions and found that SevOne fit us best. It gave us more opportunities, and better performance than the other solutions.” -Mr. Reyes, Systems Developer at a Communications Service Provider with 1000+ employees. Read the full review here.

“SevOne excels at gathering performance metrics and then making them quickly accessible in ways that I want to view them. Setting alerts and thresholds is easy and reliable. The data remains granular--not rolled up into averages--so viewing past metrics maintains the same detail as current data. The platform easily scales to monitor millions of objects. This ease of use enables us to troubleshoot quickly and reduce MTTR.” -Mr. Adams, Network Operations at a university with 100-1000 employees. Read the full review here.

We hope you enjoyed. You can also read all of SevOne’s reviews on IT Central Station here.