SevOne Insight on Acquisition Announcement by IBM

It’s been an exciting eighteen months here at SevOne. First an acquisition in November 2019 by Turbonomic, and now the most recent news, an announcement by IBM to acquire Turbonomic.

As the infrastructure that runs today’s modern applications becomes virtualized, full-stack from top to bottom - compute, storage and now the network - it is changing not only how data center application infrastructure is being run, but also the day-to-day operations and engineering of network infrastructure. What we see happening is these technologies, and therefore the teams that run them, are beginning to come together.

Eighteen months ago, as we looked at several strategic alternatives, the alignment with Turbonomic may not have seemed obvious. But if you look where the markets are going, it begins to make perfect sense. Turbonomic Application Resource Management (ARM) has always been about insight and automation of application infrastructure, and SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) has always been about insight to enable automation and control of network infrastructure, often for the same applications.

The vision of bringing those together to solve the full stack problem, with visibility, insight, and actions, with an application perspective, from the app, through the application infrastructure to the network has been the driving force of Turbonomic + SevOne.

As part of Turbonomic, SevOne had one if its best years ever. We are in a better place technology wise than we ever have been with continuous improvement to the core SevOne Network Management System (NMS), significant strides forward with Data Insight 3.x, to continued support of current and next generation, software-defined network technologies in the WAN and the datacenter (SDN/SD-WAN) to name a few.

sevone data insight 3.x

Fast forward to April 29, 2021, when IBM announced the intent to acquire Turbonomic, which includes SevOne. It’s natural for our customers to ask, “Ok, so why is this good for me?”

The answer is simple. Let’s look at the IBM press release:

ibm turbonomic

And in the opening paragraph, Why Turbo & SevOne?:

The acquisition will provide businesses with full stack application observability and management to assure performance and minimize costs using AI to optimize resources – such as containers, VMs, servers, storage, networks, and databases. This will ensure they can dynamically and more efficiently assess and manage the performance of any application, anywhere.

Simply put, the Turbonomic and SevOne technology leadership in the areas of insights and actions required to assure application performance are a great fit for the IBM vision. The product and technology alignment are strong, and these companies come together with a deep focus on innovation in the area of analytics and AIOps capabilities.

Underneath this, a few things remain.

First is our commitment to our existing customers. As we described in an open letter to our customers, “While this is a positive and transformative event for SevOne and Turbonomic, it does not change our core being which has been and will always be about our commitment to you, our customer. Our mission over the past fifteen years has been to partner with you to assure the deepest visibility and performance of mission critical network infrastructure.”

Next is maintaining SevOne’s leadership position in network performance management for the world’s most demanding Communications Service Providers, Managed Service Providers, and Global Enterprises in a wide variety of segments including Financial Services, Technology, Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical, Retail, Healthcare, Energy, Insurance, and many more.

In addition, SevOne will continue to supply NPM insight to the Turbonomic ARM value proposition. SevOne is starting to deliver against this with the delivery of Turbonomic Data Cloud along additional roadmap items that we are very excited about.

Beyond this, aligning with the AIOps strategy of IBM Watson, along with the fault capabilities of IBM Netcool, provides the opportunity for the granular network visibility insight that SevOne has always been known for, to help enable further AIOps-driven automated actions.

We are excited to work even further with IBM on this compelling story and chart a roadmap to address these emerging market needs.