As we close out last year and look towards 2022, the IBM SevOne Network Performance Management team wanted to take a moment to reflect on our growing momentum.

Written by Jim Melvin

Over the years, IBM SevOne NPM has become the quiet giant in the world of service assurance for business-critical networks. In fact, over nearly 500 million customers of global banks, mobile carriers, and network services providers around the globe rely upon SevOne NPM daily to ensure high-performance service delivery. Our business spans customers who we work with directly, but also a growing number who use our product through one of our managed service providers. Whether you joined us 16 years ago or just learned about SevOne at a recent webinar, we're excited you're on this journey with us.

We're likely at your fingertips every day. 


Use mobile banking?

Over175 million mobile banking customers from Singapore to Spain depend on SevOne when they need it and where they need it.

Did you know...

Over 225 million users count on SevOne to deliver a fast and reliable mobile experience? From gaming to social media apps to getting a rideshare for dinner, SevOne is helping to keep you connected through network assurance for mobile customers.


And if that isn’t enough

There are another 500,000 enterprise users in countless industries that rely on SevOne every day to take care of business.

Taking a step back and looking at the big picture, we understood that you must go wide before going deep. Several of our technology initiatives have gone back to one principle, All The Data. Every device matters, we get that.

We initially accomplished this with our 10-day SNMP device certification for fast, reliable rollouts. Now we are leading the market by delivering and continually improving upon support for the next generation of software-defined networks. SevOne is leading the migration of virtual and software-defined networks (SDN, SD-WAN) with IBM and has established this position by continuously innovating and delivering business value to our customers.

We're doing this with scalability that's proven in the world's largest network environments.

Making sense of massive amounts of data is why we love network performance management, and speed at scale is why our customers love our product. SevOne has long been known for delivering "insight at scale" – simply put, that means we have the only platform that can collect and analyze the massive amounts of performance data from industry leaders and still provide the instant performance insight required by their business-critical networks.

Over the past few years, our product team has been delivering a series of data visualization and workflow enhancements aiming to help you get the right insight to the right person at the right time. This year we’re thrilled to roll out IBM SevOne NPM’s new and improved, easy-to-use feature, LiveMaps. Leveraging network topology with comprehensive device coverage, LiveMaps offers greater visibility into metrics and alerting, elevating the most significant problems affecting the network so that IT professionals quickly see incidents and begin troubleshooting. From WiFi to SD-WAN IBM SevOne NPM has all the data you need on a single pane of glass.

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As we look to our future with IBM, we're committed to helping enterprises evolve toward software-defined, 5G, and edge multi-cloud networks that leverage analytics and AI in order to power the essential applications that drive modern business.

IBM SevOne NPM has proven to be a vital addition to the IBM Software Defined Networking portfolio and IBM's AI-powered automation solutions. Delivering enhancements to IBM's network performance management solutions, SevOne is helping IT professionals go beyond issue detection, surface the insights that matter most, and avoid performance issues before they impact business and end-users.

It's safe to say we're excited for 2022. Stay tuned for more to come.