Simply Known as “Networking”


The New Year is always a time of great reflection and prognostication. Over the past several years Software Defined Networking (SDN) has held its own in lists of predictions. 2015 is no exception, with SDN being prominent in many networking projections. However, there is a change in SDN predictions for the coming year. In 2015 SDN is no longer viewed as a “maybe someday” technology, SDN is now viewed as reality with predictions shifting to, “How, and how quickly, will it unfold?”

Steve Alexander, Ciena’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, put it best in his 2015 networking predictions when he said, “…this is the most transformative technology we have developed in decades, and 10 years down the line – maybe even sooner – SDN will simply be known as ‘networking.’”

Confirmation that SDN is no longer an “if” but a “when” technology comes through John Donovan, Senior Executive Vice President of AT&T’s Technology and Operations business. In a recent blog about AT&T’s SDN accomplishments for 2014 he reiterated AT&T’s goal to virtualize and control over 75 percent of their network using SDN (and NFV) by 2020, and laid out SDN-related accomplishments including:

  • Launch of a capability called Network on Demand enabling customers to adjust their network speeds up as traffic increases, and dial back down when traffic subsides.
  • Launch of a quality-of-service technology that detects which applications a customer is running and intelligently allocates bandwidth for the most critical tasks.
  • Participation in open standards organizations like OpenStack, ON.Lab, Open Daylight, and OPNFV.

Now that we know SDN is on its way, what are the predictions for 2015 that will make it happen? Here is our selection from many predictions across the networking industry.

Of course, we have to add a SevOne prediction to the list:

"Infrastructure performance monitoring will play a key role in the SDN value proposition. As SDN is defined and developed through open APIs and policy engines, flexible, scalable, and integrated infrastructure performance monitoring will help create an optimized feedback loop system with orchestration and provisioning systems. Watch for it!"

Happy New Year from SevOne!