Taming the Streaming Telemetry Beast


Here at SevOne, we share the industry’s growing excitement about network streaming telemetry. It’s a technology with lots of upside, which we’ve touched on in a previous post.

By making much more network performance data available with much less overhead, it promises to help pave the way to digital transformation success.

But there’s a catch. The volume and velocity of data streaming telemetry can quickly overwhelm traditional network monitoring systems, which are geared for the slower pace of the SNMP model. When IT and NetOps teams flip the streaming telemetry switch on, collection intervals as low as every second and up to 300x increases in data flow are more than their legacy monitoring systems can handle.

In other words, they have a tiger by the tail. When you find yourself in that situation, you don’t let go. But you really need to do something about the tiger.

Monitoring & management designed for the job at hand

Early on, we recognized the mismatch between the SNMP-based approach and what’s needed in telemetry-powered environments. So, we set out to close that gap.

For some time now, SevOne has been working on next-gen monitoring and management capabilities. Our goal was to develop capabilities on par with the speed, flexibility and scalability that are the hallmarks of modern networking environments.

I’m very pleased to report that our efforts have paid off. As we just announced, both our newly launched SevOne Data Cloud and our flagship SevOne Data Platform include support for network streaming telemetry.

While both products unlock valuable, telemetry-centric capabilities, we’re particularly proud of SevOne Data Cloud. That’s because it’s the industry’s first monitoring and AIOps platform developed specifically for network streaming telemetry.

Is yours one of the many companies embarking on a digital transformation? If so, you don’t want to wind up holding a streaming telemetry tiger by the tail. SevOne can help you and your team tame that beast. To learn more about how, please visit us at SevOne.com.

SevOne has long been at the forefront of network and infrastructure monitoring and management. With these latest efforts, we’re extending that leadership to keep pace with our rapidly evolving environments and all the exciting capabilities they’re making possible. It’s an exciting time to be in the networking space!

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