Terilogy Expansion and Best Practices for Monitoring Low Latency Environments

Terilogy Expansion and Best Practices for Monitoring Low Latency Environments

It's always great to highlight the success of our partners and this week, we have two highlights about our Asia Pacific partner, Terilogy. Just recently they announced and launched their Center of Excellence (COE), which focuses on High Frequency Trading environments for the Financial Services industry. SevOne is a key part of Terilogy's COE, along with TS-Associates and other best-of-breed vendors.

According to the announcement, “We announce establishment of an Ultra Low Latency “Center of Excellence” briefing center at Tokyo for demonstration and exploration of performance driven precision instrumentation. It delivers comprehensive solutions based on “Best of Breed” Precision Instrumentation, Enterprise Monitoring / SLA Management and capture technologies.”

Terilogy's establishment of a COE is very important to SevOne since every major bank has requirements for providing complete visibility and service assurance for their High Frequency Trading environments. SevOne offers a high frequency polling capability and with the new COE, Terilogy is driving us to integrate with TS-Associates low-latency probes, to provide “complete visibility” of the performance of High Frequency Trading environments.

In addition, Terilogy formally announced its partnership agreements with both SevOne and TS-Associates - marking significant milestones in Terilogy's regional expansion strategy. SevOne was asked to quote on their recent announcement and we happily obliged. "I have been impressed with how easy it has been to work with the Terilogy team, and with their ability to address the next-generation performance management market requirements through partnerships with best-of-breed vendors like SevOne and TS-Associates,” said Michael Phelan, President and CEO of SevOne.

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