Thailand, Terilogy, TS-Associates and Tokyo Too

Thailand, Terilogy, TS-Associates and Tokyo Too

When our Japanese partner Terilogy invited us to be a guest speaker at the Trading Architecture seminar they were planning with TS-Associates (a precision instrumentation company for latency sensitive trading systems), Vess (SevOne's CTO) and I decided to combine our upcoming business trip with our annual summer vacation. We decided to go to Thailand and experience the different flavors of the Asian culture. After a 16 hour flight to Hong Kong and an early flight to Phuket we arrived at our first of three destinations, Thailand. Spending long days by the turquoise water and enjoying the Thai culture was the perfect way to end our summer.

After Thailand we hopped on a four hourflight to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. The seminar with TS-Associates and Terilogy went really well. As announced last week (see our press release SevOne, Terilogy and TS-Associates Partner to Provide Complete and Immediate Visibility of High Frequency Trading Environments for Financial Institutions), “The integration of the SevOne network performance management and TS-Associates Precision Instrumentation® solutions supports the rapid growth of high frequency and algorithmic trading across the financial markets in New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong which has been placing new demands on IT operations teams to provide and ensure the extreme levels of technical and business performance that is required.” To find out more about our new partnership with TS-Associates and Terilogy we also produced a datasheet on how to ensure high frequency trading that was used for the event.

So after the seminar and our trip to Hong Kong, Vess and I made our way to Tokyo. I was blown away by the organization and friendliness of the people of Japan, how much they continue to look positively and work for the betterment of their community.

During our trip to Tokyo, we went to Terilogy's offices and met with Tsubuki-San, Terilogy's CEO, and Abe-san, the Executive Vice President and some other key members of Terilogy's team. They took us to lunch at a traditional Kyoto style restaurant. I enjoyed it so much! I eat sushi pretty often here in the US, the standard California roll, shrimp tempura roll – you know what I mean! But authentic Japanese sushi puts all of our American attempts to shame. We spent most of our week in Tokyo with Terilogy discussing our network performance management products and how to train future customers and introduce our product efficiently to the Asian market.

My first trip to Asia was outstanding. Meeting with our partners, meeting current and potential customers and experiencing the Asian culture were great and I hope to return in the near future.

Tanya Bakalov is the Senior Vice President of Operations for SevOne, Inc.

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