The IT Performance Tidal Wave

IT performance tidal wave

Twitter reports that their users now send 200 million Tweets per day. That got us thinking about how much data we collect. SevOne products collect and make sense (actionable sense) of about 30 billion data points at a single customer every day.

Why so much data?

Virtualization, mobility, and cloud computing are all pointing to a sustained explosion in data that needs to be collected, normalized, and simplified into actionable information; presented in reports and dashboards tailored for the hierarchy of roles responsible for IT, including operations, architecture, and management.

How do we make sense of it all?

Simplifying massive data into actionable alerts or reports involves first discovering what is normal. The SevOne performance management solution establishes baselines for all performance indicators by 'learning' the normal utilization or performance levels. The benefit of a dynamic baseline is to eliminate false positives and improve the accuracy of performance monitoring based on historical views of what is normal behavior. SevOne provides two types of thresholds for alerting - static and dynamic. Static thresholds trigger when part of your IT infrastructure is registering below desired performance, when response times fail, or any other third party, time stamped performance metric fails to meet the desired targets. Dynamic thresholds are specific to time periods set above and below the baseline value so that you receive alerts if something like network traffic spikes or if traffic levels drop dramatically.

Mixed Messages?

There are a lot of overlapping messages in the IT performance management market. Some of the overlap is expected due to industry convergence. Software tools and people historically responsible for specific layers in the IT stack are being pushed together. Server, network, storage and application operations teams are being consolidated as a result of cloud computing. So, it is understandable that analysis tools for Application Performance Management have messages very similar to Application-Aware Network Performance Management software. This sometimes confuses customers. One of our large Communication Service Provider customers explained it this way: "Our IT environment is like a vast desert with tens of thousands of mole holes. We have excellent application analysis tools that let us look down a mole hole, but those tools do nothing unless we know what hole to look down. We use SevOne to show us which mole hole has the problem and most times we don't ever need to turn on the microscope (the application management analysis tools) because the right group gets an alert from SevOne telling them where to look for the problem."

Bernd Harzog, Analyst at The Virtualization Practice, said: "The combination of virtualization and the cloud completely breaks legacy performance management models. An enterprise will not stand up [thousands] of VMs and the constant rate of change in the server resources (CPU and memory) and network and server I/O required to make it all work in the cloud, unless they have an easy, scalable, and cost effective way to monitor performance. Legacy performance management software from the big four doesn't have the scalability, simplicity, and flexibility to handle the new cloud based virtualized world."

No Limits.

SevOne's vision is to remove all scalability and affordability limits on data collection, analysis and reporting. We are realizing this vision by continuously adding functionality and making it the best software to collect everything - billions of metrics, baseline everything - billions of baselines, and easily create reports and dashboards tailored to your specific environment - think wizards. Also, openness is a core technical value. Our open APIs and integration have to leverage existing IT management investments and new challenges, such as 4G LTE and IMS performance management in the Communication Service Provider markets, and also in most enterprises facing growing mobility management challenges.

The pace of change in the IT world is increasing. Data volumes are exploding. We are proud to have a product and a team dedicated and uniquely qualified to simplify, bring order, and make sense of IT performance management's biggest challenge - the IT Performance Tidal Wave.