This is the Real Cost of “Free” Software

This is the Real Cost of Free Software

You may think just because you purchased your network monitoring tool a long time ago, or got an upgrade to a newer version for free, that you’re doing the company’s bottom line a favor.

Well, think again.

There are many hidden costs associated with relying on legacy monitoring tools --and you might already be paying for them.

For instance, if you’re relying on multiple tools from a variety of vendors to monitor individualized segments of your network, you’re probably paying a hefty amount in aggregated maintenance contracts. If you’re dealing with troubleshooting delays because you need to check multiple tools, you’re losing time and money. And if your tools aren’t equipped to support strategic initiatives such as hybrid cloud, IoT, and software-defined environments, you’re missing out on new potential revenue streams.

But it can be difficult to convince others in your organization that it’s time for upgrade. Your current vendor may be offering a solution at little or no cost, or a free upgrade to keep you from switching.

The legacy tools may be able to provide you with some basic reporting and analytics. But ask yourself – is that good enough anymore? Can we settle for just the basics?

The answer: Not if you want to accelerate into the future and stay competitive in an ever-changing digital environment.

So how do you convince your organization that it’s time to make a switch? Start with the basics - the real cost of your current network management tools. Our latest brief uncovers four hidden costs that can add up, costing your organization more time and money in the long run.

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