U.K. Mobile Provider Ensures Service Reliability and Quality with SevOne


This major mobile company in the U.K. provides talk, text, and data services to 9 million customers, including more than 5 million 4G subscribers. The company prides itself on reliability, and is consistently ranked as having the U.K.’s most reliable mobile network. With its customer base and 4G footprint growing rapidly, maintaining its top-rated service reliability and coverage was the mobile provider’s top priority. However, the amount of change in its IT environment was presenting the company with new network monitoring and management challenges.

In addition to rapid growth, other infrastructure monitoring challenges were being created by the roll out of new 4G LTE and IMS services. These services were driving growth, but they also created monitoring requirements that were beyond the capabilities of the company’s legacy network management system. The mobile provider realized that it needed an infrastructure monitoring solution that is scalable and flexible enough to keep pace with its evolving needs.

This new customer success story highlights how the mobile provider went from having dated monitoring capabilities to gaining end-to-end visibility across its highly complex, multi-vendor network environment. By switching to SevOne, the company now has the unlimited scalability and flexibility it needs to manage a very large and diverse set of metrics in real time. Benefits include the ability to isolate, diagnose and alert on issue before they impact services, and faster and more effective incident response.

Read the story now to get the details of how partnering with SevOne has helped this mobile provider to maintain carrier-grade reliability it’s known for across its growing portfolio of services.