Why Should You Get Network Performance Monitoring?

Why Should You Get Network Performance Monitoring

As a large enterprise or communication services provider, you likely dread the day that poor network performance or a failure causes loss of access to the applications and services your business relies upon.

Luckily, there's a way to prevent network slowdown or failures preemptively: network performance management software. Read on to learn more about these comprehensive solutions and their many benefits.

How Does Network Performance Monitoring Work?

Network performance monitoring (NPM) is the process of collecting, analyzing, alerting, and reporting on your network's performance. These tasks are performed on a routine basis so that administrators know the overall quality of their network at any given time.

NPM is an operations management solution that lets you see how different aspects of your network are working. This includes performance across all different of your network, from wi-fi access points, to campus routing and switching, datacenters, WAN, to branch office networks that your company relies upon. When an error arises, it notifies the network operations team so that they can troubleshoot the problem.

This makes sure that all of your employees and (in some cases) clients can interact seamlessly with your network, and conduct business in an efficient manner.

How Do Professional NPM Solutions Collect Data?

NPM solutions can find, use, and share network insights that come from a variety of sources. The main ones are Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)-based metrics, network streaming telemetry and flow data. Each of these data sources of a network performance provides a different perspective, and when integrated together in a single platform, you can diagnose problems more accurately.

Assuming that you use a machine learning-based performance management system like SevOne offers, you will get insights in mere seconds without needing to analyze these sources on your own. The collection and analysis of metrics, telemetry and flow data is an automated process that easily scales to meet the needs of large enterprise and carrier networks.

Why Are These Solutions Beneficial?

As you can imagine, NPM is essential to performance alert monitoring to ensure that employees at a business have 24/7 access to the information and applications that they need.

Boosting Network Visibility

Your managers and administrators need the chance to understand the performance of your network. It's also critical that they can monitor all devices connected to the network and have automated insight into performance issues.

Preventing Downtime

As we touched on earlier, network downtime can cause a lot of problems for large enterprises. NPM software will alert you when something is amiss so that you can take a look at abnormalities before they become actual issues.

These tools will also give you the ability to troubleshoot potential performance issues quickly and effectively. With a system that uses machine learning to let you know when something in your network is not normal, you won't need to worry missing a critical network anomaly.

Auto-Generated Network Performance Dashboards

Network monitoring solutions not only track performance data 24/7 but can automatically build dashboards for immediate insight. You can access dozens of out-of-the box dashboards, customize these dashboards, and easily share them across teams to enhance operational efficiencies.

Enhance Your Network Performance Today

Now that you know why you need NPM for your business, it's time to begin enabling continuous performance. Request a demo of the SevOne Network Data Platform and learn how you can leverage machine learning-based technology to automatically alert you and your teams when there is performance issue across your entire network.

We're committed to helping you continuously assure the performance of your network, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.