Why Validation Matters…


Our story is simple. Vess saw a problem, thought of a solution, created it and distributed the solution to the masses.

When Vess found the problem, it hadn't yet affected you and me, because when it existed there was no possible way you were reading this article on your tablet or smartphone. And lucky for us, Vess solved the problem before it became worse.

When a solution to a problem exists, people don't always buy into it because many times it forces change. Fear and hesitation result in people's resistance to change. No change means – no growth. And if you don't change and you don't grow it's a damn shame.

Today we learned SevOne made the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list for the fourth consecutive year. SevOne ranked #191 (191 again, interestingly) with a growth rate of 524 percent. SevOne's inclusion on this list is a result of people solving the problem Vess sought to fix 10 years ago.

Businesses are changing, businesses are growing and that's why validation is important; validation that we're going in the right direction. Validation helps drive more change, and more growth by making better business decisions every single day.

Congratulations to the entire SevOne team on this accomplishment.