Communication Service Providers Choose SevOne NPM to Ensure Network Uptime


Challenges Communication Service Providers Face

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) – including traditional telecom, wireless, Internet, and cable providers – face considerable challenges when managing the performance of their infrastructure:

  • Increased network congestion due to an explosion of video and voice traffic from always-on, intelligent user equipment.
  • Complex environments – such as CDMA and GSM networks–that require support for a vast number of vendors, devices, standards, and protocols.
  • Converged fixed and mobile infrastructures with highly distributed network elements

Why IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM)?

For network teams responsible for service delivery, the ability to quickly detect, troubleshoot, and alert on performance issues ahead of service impact is key to preventing customer churn. SevOne NPM provides the world’s fastest, most scalable network performance management and reporting platform to help CSPs prove the performance of the network and predict future capacity needs.

  • An architecture that scales - SevOne NPM's unique architecture, based on the principles behind distributed computing, allows you to monitor millions of objects with no degradation to speed of the monitoring system or reporting. CSPs looking to consolidate their performance management tools and reduce OpEx use SevOne NPM as their platform of choice.
  • A responsive partner - With the variety of network vendors and devices evolving on a monthly basis, it is challenging to maintain visibility of device health and key performance metrics. SevOne NPM is uniquely qualified in this space. While other vendors may take months, SevOne guarantees customers a 10 day turnaround on requests for new SNMP device certification.

“Before deploying SevOne we had a customer impacting performance event go undetected for 8 hours. With SevOne we saw the same event occurring within 15 minutes.” - NOC Engineer, Tier 1 Wireless Provider

“We brought SevOne NPM in to help one team of 15 users troubleshoot. We now have 15 teams using the performance and capacity data with more than 400 users per day hitting our dashboards.”

- Tier 1 CSP - North America

Monitor LTE and IMS Cores

Unifying voice and data on an Internet Protocol service architecture presents new troubleshooting challenges, and the deployment of small cells often creates new visibility gaps when it comes to monitoring performance of the network. SevOne NPM monitors each layer of the LTE architecture – from the RAN to the IMS core – to proactively identify performance issues and determine if they are isolated or network-wide.

SevOne monitors each layer of the LTE and IMS architecture for a complete and immediate view of infrastructure performance and user impact.

In addition to providing real-time views of overall LTE health by device group, SevOne NPM reports on key metrics such as:

  • CPG UEs attached
  • PGW Current Sessions
  • PGW IP Pool Utilization
  • CCF Successful ACAs
  • HSS Transaction Rate
  • PCRF Current Connections
  • CSCF Registered Subscribers
  • And many more

Because performance of all components of the IMS core is critical, SevOne NPM monitors server CPU, memory, disk usage, i/o usage, and bandwidth in/out, in addition to application metrics such as SIP authentication and failure codes, message counts, transaction counts, and subscriber counts.

Remove Operational Blind Spots

The existence of multiple vendor technologies and an exponential rise in network elements has made real-time, end-to-end visibility of network performance incredibly complex.

SevOne NPM provides the most comprehensive solution for collecting, baselining, alerting, and reporting on performance data from a broad variety of sources. For example, SevOne NPM presents real-time metrics from Element Management Systems monitoring PCRF servers alongside SNMP data from load balancers and firewall NetFlow records – all in a single view.

In addition to more than 20 out-of-the-box supported protocols (such as SNMP, NetFlow, IP SLA, and JMX), SevOne NPM can be extended to import any time series data, then normalize and baseline the data. Carriers worldwide have enhanced their implementation to import data from across thier multi-vendor network infrastructure - from tower to core.

  • EXFO BrixWorx
  • Cisco Starent
  • Cisco WLC
  • Samsung LTE/SAE
  • Tekelec PCRF

Manage Wireless Backhaul and Ethernet Performance

With rapidly increasing multimedia traffic levels and demands for bandwidth, the number of possible backhaul failure points and bottlenecks requires new levels of performance visibility. SevOne NPM helps wireless carriers optimize network capacity and ensure Ethernet backhaul performance.

By collecting and reporting on Y.1731 and IEEE 802.1ag synthetic latency tests, SevOne NPM proves that Ethernet frame delay, frame delay variation, frame loss, and frame throughput measurements are within acceptable levels. When threshold violations occur, SevOne NPM riggers alerts to the Network Operations team, allowing them to troubleshoot issues before end user impact.

In addition, SevOne NPM reduces Ethernet Backhaul expenditure by providing a cost-effective, appliance-based solution for performance monitoring that significantly reduces the hardware footprint, power consumption, and administrative burden required to monitor this environment.

Improve Capacity Projections

SevOne NPM provides the information required by Capacity Planning teams to consolidate under-utilized resources and accurately determine future needs of the business. Capacity trends proactively alert teams as to the next resource to reach max utilization and future projections reveal how much time capacity planners have until upgrades will be required.

Receive Proactive Alerts

A consistently high quality of experience drives customer retention and ARPU growth. In order to deliver on promised services and avoid SLA penalties, CSPs require proactive, intelligent monitoring of the network and alerting of impending issues, prior to end user impact.

SevOne NPM allows you to:

  • Automatically baseline every performance metric collected.
  • Establish reliable thresholds for new devices that may not have known thresholds for proper performance.
  • Alert when performance of any element deviates from expected “normal” behavior for that particular time and day.
  • Receive alerts via e-mail, SevOne NPM dashboard, or integrate alerts with ITSM systems
  • Reduce the number of false positive alerts with a better understanding of actual network performance of your environment.

“With SevOne NPM, 30% of our alerts are proactive alerts.”

- Director of WI-Fi Operations, Tier 1 MSO - Cable Operator