SevOne Customer Testimonials

"Wow, so easy to add devices, get some instant charts, and then configure reports on groups of devices. So much quicker and easier than our other monitoring technology. No longer a specialists' task."

- Martin Appleyard, Network and Security Management, Thomson Reuters

"With over 10,000 network devices, SevOne enabled us to track all the erroring interfaces and high utilization links daily, so we can proactively and reactively resolve issues in a timely manner. Thank you SevOne!!!"

- David Chang, Low Latency Network Engineer

"SevOne did the one thing no other vendor could do ... save us hundreds of operational man-hours that in turn freed us up to work on new innovations for our network."

- Application Solutions Engineer, Global Trading Firm

"I have used many network monitoring solutions and have found SevOne to be the most reliable. It flawlessly delivers the features it says it will and when there is a support issue, it has been resolved quickly. Upgrading SevOne versions is painless and the support team makes it very easy to focus on the service we provide rather than the tool we use to provide it."

- Matt Freeman, Operations Manager, Hawaiian Telcom

"SevOne helps us monitor our services, reducing time, and preventing network congestion. It is fully scalable and accessed by a single site."

- Carlos Mauricio Reyes Gonzalez, Developer Engineer, Cablevision Mexico

"SevOne has been a blessing for our network. Where we would have to wait minutes to get bandwidth graphs on our network, we can now get weeks worth of data in seconds. With so many options and settings, it's easy to configure a report graph to your liking."

- Emill Buitrago, Advanced Network Operator, Cablevision

"SevOne provides a quick and intuitive interface for managing our network through their powerful network performance, reporting and alerting technologies. These technologies in cooperation with their fantastic support make their product truly enjoyable to use."

- Jim Schutz, Network Management Engineer, Leading Financial Services Company

"Instant Graphs allowed me to easily create reports for management showing events leading up to and impact of a service outage."

- Sr. Network Administrator, Leading Global Brand

"The SevOne architecture has allowed us to become more scalable, manage more devices and elements, and provide greater services and data integrity with less labor resources than our other solutions. Using it we have increased our footprint and decreased our labor costs."

- Developer, Global Technology Consulting Firm

"End of month reports from eHealth took at least 2 days with no interruptions to get finished. With SevOne, the reports are finished within 20 minutes, and cause no frustration at all."

- Dan Dziura, Network Operations Manager, Leading Financial Services Company

"We are very pleased with SevOne. The granular metrics and visibility, along with constantly improving ITIL process, has helped ACS to retain and grow our customer base with very competitive cost."

- Jimmy Brown, SVP, ITO Service Strategy and Design, ACS a Xerox Company

"After evaluating a number of potential solutions, Comcast chose SevOne's Performance Appliance Solution. A full install of SevOne - including IP addressing, device discovery, racking and stacking, took only two weeks, and that was for the complete install, not a .dot release."

- Senior Director of Network Surveillance, Comcast

"We used SevOne to save over S 1 Million dollars by measuring our SIP traffic and using least cost routing to manage our traffic flow. This one event more than paid for our SevOne installation."

- Former Sr. Director of Operational Excellence, Comcast Corporation

"SevOne provided us with a turnkey solution for deploying the management of network infrastructures that allows us to monitor all of our clients simultaneously and consolidate that information onto a single, easy-to-access pane of glass. As a result we can quickly and easily respond to issues that arise during the day."

- Chris Black, Director of IT and Service Delivery, DBSi

"With the SevOne product, I can collect data statistics from individual or multiple pieces of equipment or interfaces and dynamically build these views. Not only does that capability help us to meet our service level agreements to customers, but it also allows us to adjust internally to ensure we uniformly maintain our preset standards systemwide."

- Bradley Frye, Senior Manager of Data Network Operations, Knology

"We all know that bandwidth is growing and as it does our account managers, informed by the information SevOne provides, can determine when that customer is about to exceed their purchased bandwidth. We can now take a customer to a portal and show them how their circuit has trended over time and when they will exceed their bandwidth. It's a powerful solution both for the customer and for Knology."

- Bradley Frye, Senior Manager of Data Network Operations. Knology

"Our experience with SevOne has been excellent. They are very responsive and their product provides tremendous function for the cost."

- Senior Network Engineer, Aramark

"Since implementing SevOne we have been able to monitor virtually every SNMP-capable device on our network, including servers, switches, routers, and UPSs. SevOne is now an integral part of our daily operations."

- Systems Administrator, The Delaware River & Bay Authority (DRBA)

"SevOne was extremely helpful in our requests for adding functions and setting the demo units up for our network. We were impressed enough that we have purchased the system."

- Senior Network Engineer, Stony Brook University Hospital & Medical Center

"We have been a very happy SevOne customer for the past couple years and have had a chance to see the product go beyond our initial expectations. Easily, this product paid for itself within the evaluation period. For the speed, value, scalability and level of one on one support we receive, we wish our other OSS vendors worked as well as SevOne."

- Lead Engineer, Hawaii's Leading Communications Provider

"SevOne is now our go to performance solution across our entire infrastructure thanks to this and many other proven results."

- Fortune 100 Customer, Service Provider

"Another way SevOne has helped us greatly is using 2 second SNMP polling on our customer routers. In our trading environment it's not uncommon for us to get large spikes of data in short periods of time. Since SevOne is able to monitor these links at much shorter polling rates than most other monitoring systems, this has helped us reduce bottlenecks on links in which we would not have seen at 2 second polling. The circuit bandwidths were increased before it became an issue with our customers complained of having drop packets with in turn causing latency issues over our circuits. Most of our IT staff is using SevOne to monitor and trend many different aspects of our network."

- Sr. Network Engineer, Financial Services Exchange

"The problem that SevOne has been able to solve is the certification of new devices and metrics. Before we started using SevOne it took 6 months to a year to get a new device or metric certified within the performance management tool. We are also able to enable threshold on these new metrics and resolve issues rapidly; where in the past it would have been months before we were able to solve these problems."

- Fortune 100 Customer

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