Top 5 U.K. Mobile Provider Drives Growth, Ensures Network Reliability with SevOne NPM


One of the U.K.’s largest mobile networks, this firm provides text, talk and data services to 9.2 million customers, including 5.4 million 4G subscribers.


In the hyper-competitive mobile and telecom markets in the U.K., innovation can be a double-edged sword. Innovative companies are the ones that always seem to be ahead of the pack, quicker to deliver new services, apps, or features that their customers love. When a company gets innovation right, it pays huge dividends in terms of customer loyalty and competitive advantages.

However, it’s not easy weaving the latest technologies into new services that will be a hit with customers. New offerings need to be in sync with customers’ changings requirements and preferences, and they need to meet customers’ expectations of reliability and coverage. Doing anything less impacts the customer experience.

This was the challenge facing one of the U.K.’s largest mobile providers: deliver innovative new products and services smoothly with coverage for all customers and with carrier-grade reliability. Consistently ranked as having the U.K.’s most reliable network, the company wanted to ensure that all new services met its high reliability standards.

The effort initially focused on two new services. The first service eliminates indoor blackout spots for mobile users by using a low-frequency signal that can penetrate much deeper into buildings. The second service, the company’s first IMS offering, enables customers to talk and text using a Wi-Fi connection when no mobile signal is available.

“With our highly complex, multi-vendor network environment, we needed a strategic solution that would let us quickly capture and make sense of a very large and diverse set of performance metrics,” said the company’s Operational Systems Support Manager. “The legacy tools we were using just weren’t giving us the visibility we needed.”

The company identified four core requirements that it needed to address:

  • Compatibility: The company needed a network monitoring solution that could accommodate the long list of vendors, platforms and device types in play in its network environment.
  • Capabilities: The company needed a platform that offered flexible and high-capacity polling. They wanted a system that provided staff with granular control, and the ability to dial polling frequencies up or down as needed.
  • User-Friendly Reporting: Since various staff would be using the system, including front office, back office, and design team members, user-friendly reporting capabilities were a must.
  • Ease of Deployment: The mobile provider wanted a solution that was designed for complex, multi-vendor environments like theirs, with features specifically designed to reduce deployment complexity.

“We looked at solutions from a range of other vendors, but none of their products met our requirements,” said the OSS manager. “We started to get concerned about the lack of viable options, but those concerns evaporated once we evaluated the SevOne Data Platform.”

Business Benefits and Results

Over the past few years, the company has had the fastest growing network in the U.K. IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) contributed to this success by providing the performance management capabilities needed to support the company’s new services.

Numbers illustrate the success. The mobile provider’s new LTE offering that leverages Wi-Fi now has over 1.5 million subscribers, and its 4G coverage, including the low-frequency signal for better indoor coverage, now extends to over 3.2 million U.K. households. SevOne NPM has also delivered improvements in other operational areas, including network inventory management, service provisioning, network configuration, and fault management.

Following are some of the main business benefits this mobile provider has gained with SevOne NPM's world-class network monitoring and management capabilities:

  • Strategic performance management: The company integrated all platforms and devices from its array of vendors into SevOne NPM. Now it can easily and accurately monitor end-to-end LTE performance across its complex environment with a single pane of glass. Intuitive reporting means that the right information can get to the right people quickly.
  • Flexibility and responsiveness: In both proactive activities like capacity planning and reactive functions like event mitigation, the company’s staff now has better tools for doing their jobs. From visualizing traffic pattern profiles, to investigating performance issues, to creating or modifying baselines, thresholds and alert settings, it’s fast and easy with SevOne NPM.
  • Operational efficiency: SevOne NPM's software appliance-based technology, and extensive built-in automation enables the company to manage and monitor its highly complex network with less effort and lower costs.
  • Lower customer churn: With real-time end-to-end visibility, the company’s OSS team can quickly isolate, diagnose, and alert on performance issues before they impact services. This has allowed the provider to meet customer expectations and reduce churn.

In summary, SevOne NPM enabled this major U.K. mobile provider to monitor and manage its complex network more effectively. It can now bring innovative and reliable services to market faster than its competitors, gaining market share and delighting customers.