Hot Standby Appliance

  • Protect historical performance data in the event of hardware or site failure
  • Maintain monitoring and alerting functions with a hot failover solution
  • Preserve polling data during an upgrade processes
  • Removes single point of failure with flexible deployment

Why Deploy HSA?

IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) virtual appliances collect gigabytes of business-critical performance data every day. For many organizations, this performance data is so important that customers cannot accept any data loss. Further, our customers cannot risk a disruption to ongoing monitoring of their infrastructure with a loss of polling or monitoring functions. To help meet these goals of reducing operational risks, minimizing risks of polling gaps, and avoiding a single point of failure, SevOne NPM provides a Hot Standby Appliance (HSA).

How Does HSA work?

Using the same software as a primary appliance, SevOne NPM HSA provides a one-to-one high availability solution. HSAs store all of the current and historical data of the primary appliance with a full database replication. The HSA maintains the same data in flash memory cache and disk storage in sync with the primary appliance. While in standby mode, the HSA does not perform any active monitoring itself and therefore it places no additional strain on the network.

If you have multiple SevOne NPM appliances, not every appliance in a cluster requires an HSA. You can selectively deploy HSAs to achieve your desired level of business continuity and high availability.

When Will a Failover to HSA Occur?

The HSA can take over for the active appliance at any time. The HSA performs a continuous heartbeat check to its primary appliance. In the event the heartbeat of the primary appliance goes away for any reason for a specified time period, the HSA assumes the primary appliance has suffered a catastrophic failure and it assumes the role of the active appliance. This limits the disruption to the monitoring of your infrastructure and avoids any significant loss of polled data.

Additional Use Cases for the HSA

In addition to serving as a hot failover solution and protecting your historical performance data, the SevOne NPM HSA is useful in other business scenarios:

  • Protection during an upgrade - In the event you need to update your primary SevOne NPM appliance, the HSA can temporarily assume the production roles and maintain all polling, reporting, and alerting functions while the original NMS Appliance receives an upgrade or update. When the update completes, the HSA data can be used to replace any data gaps on the SevOne NPM Appliance. The proper NMS/HSA relationship returns after the update. This requires a professional services engagement.
  • Reducing risks of replacing an appliance - If your operational processes make it difficult to replace failed hardware components in a timely fashion, the HSA can serve as your primary appliance during the replacement process.