How Does SevOne Compare To Your Current Vendor?

10 Day Device CertificationsSevOne certifies all new devices for SNMP monitoring in 10 days or less.When you need a new device certified for monitoring SevOne provides this SNMP cert at no charge. If you would like to do your own certs, we provide a MIB editor too.
Appliance Based deploymentSevOne ships our solution as an appliance with global 4 hour onsite parts replacementShipping an appliance that includes the SevOne monitoring and reporting application, the database and the storage for 12 months of data reduces your administrative costs and improves your time to value.
Automatic BaselinesSevOne baselines every performance indicator that we collect- AutomaticallyCustomers need to know what is "normal" for their environment. Automatically baselining data provides a sure way to understand data, trends and normal parameters. Baseline values also provide a threshold level that can be used for alerting purposes. If we see 50% more utilization than our baseline, alert me.
Capacity PlanningSevOne can show trend lines in your graphs for quick visual reference of future performance levels or run Tabular reports for projected values in the futureIf you want to look into the future and see what interfaces will be busiest in 30 days, you run a capacity projection report and you get early indications of where you may need to increase bandwidth or upgrade a circuit or CPU.
Historical ReportingWith SevOne Reports Manager you can schedule reports to run, email and update for all dataIf you need to go back in time to find a point of interest, you want the full data set available to you. SevOne does not average the data so you have all the data. Some customers keep over 24 months of data on their SevOne appliances.
NetFlowSevOne stores "raw" NetFlow" and collects 15M flows/minuteKeeping raw flows allows you to drill into micro spikes and burst activity that is lost with most collectors that sample data and average their NetFlow values
NetFlow CollectionSevOne supports collection and reporting of all flow technologies and supports Flexible NetFlow and "raw" NetflowSevOne links SNMP data to NetFlow reports for quick understanding of what traffic consumed your bandwidth. SevOne provides Top Talkers reports, Next Hop and Source and Destination data.
Power dataSevOne can monitor the power usage of your data center as another indicator of potential performance degradationHow much power is going into the data center and how does it compare your historical levels. Are you about to have a performance event?
Proactive AlertsSevOne alerts when performance deviates from normal including Standard Deviation logic to reduce false positivesEvery Operations teams wants to avoid the angry phone call from customers. If you can get advance notice of pending performance events you can avoid disappointing your customers. SevOne provides alerts before your customers call to complain. Threshold based alerts and standard deviation logic helps reduce false positives and ensures you get actionable alerts.
Real-time ReportingWith SevOne Instant Graphs you can build ad-hoc reports in real-time and see all "as polled" dataWhen we say real-time we mean less than 1 second after requesting a report you should get all the data you requested. Don't believe us, ask for a demo and see for yourself.
SNMP Data RetentionSevOne stores 12 months of "raw" data without averaging any of the dataStoring more data provides more accurate historical reports, better baselines and the forensic data you need to go back in time and evaluate past performance levels. All things that you lose when you have to roll up or average historical data.
SNMP PollingSevOne has a multi threaded poller that polls 300 times more data than the competitionYou get accurate data with over 99.99% polling accuracy
Time Stamped performance dataSevOne can collect any time stamped metric and baseline the value, alert to deviations and provide historical reportsThere are numerous sources of performance data that don't support SNMP polling. Collect all of these metrics with SevOne.
Virtual Machine DataUsing the Virtual Center API for device discovery SevOne reports on Guest and Host resource utilizationLearn who is consuming your resources and if the virtualization of servers achieved performance gains.
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