Accedian Networks Alliance

Accedian Networks and SevOne have partnered to deliver a compelling solution to two of the most challenging service assurance problems: detecting and immediately reporting on microbursts (the short duration events that can cause massive disruption to latency sensitive business services) and delivering more granular and accurate response time measurements (e.g. TWAMP) so network operators can quickly isolate network performance issues and identify their root cause. Through this integration, SevOne users are able to pull these sub-second polling interval data points from Accedian solutions and provide secure end-to-end reporting dashboards that include a complete view of the devices and the performance health of the network.

Accedian Networks Vision EMS™

4G LTE has quickly become the access network technology of choice for mobile network deployments because it enables high-speed mobile connections and cost effective Internet applications. However, it also creates new challenges in gaining end-to-end visibility of performance and availability of 4G LTE Radio Access Network (RAN), Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks and services.

To help provide operational insight into multi-vendor 4G LTE infrastructures, SevOne offers SevOne xStats Adapters for use with Accedian Vision EMS. The SevOne xStats Adapter for use with Accedian Vision EMS provides the ability to monitor and manage network and resource performance of Accedian NIDs via regular data exports from the Accedian Vision EMS.

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