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To help Enterprise and Communication Service Providers to analyze and report on end user experience and the underlying IT infrastructure in a single platform, SevOne has partnered with AppNeta. Through this integration, SevOne customers can leverage the synthetic testing of AppNeta to analyze end user experience data across an end-to-end enterprise (e.g. branch office/retail location to corporate data center) or service provider infrastructure (e.g. mobile, fixed and WiFi networks) and correlate it with infrastructure performance data in the SevOne platform. For more information see the link below on the SevOne xStats Adapter for use with AppNeta.

SevOne xStats Adapter for Use with AppNeta™

To help monitor end user experience and correlate it with performance metric, flow and log data, SevOne offers the xStats Adapter for use with AppNeta. Using SevOne xStats, any third party, time-stamped data can be brought into the SevOne platform and correlated to other performance monitoring data. This adapter integrates with AppNeta APIs to enable users to create SevOne dashboards with end user experience data.

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