Accedian Networks and SevOne

  • Gain sub-second views of network performance
  • Improve test accuracy compared to router-based tests
  • Detect a microburst that traditional tests would not capture
  • Leverage Ethernet Backhaul without sacrificing performance visibility
  • Improve capacity planning projections

SevOne, the leader in real-time performance monitoring for the world’s most connected companies and Accedian Networks, a leader in Performance Assured Networking solutions, have partnered to deliver a compelling solution to some of today’s most challenging service assurance problems.

Accurate Response Time Tests

You need more granular and more accurate response time tests, latency measurements and jitter statistics than your routers can provide via IPSLA type tests. With critical applications running over low-latency networks, you can’t risk performance data having gaps and long lag times between reporting intervals.

Microburst Detection

You need the ability to see all of the performance data on your critical network segments, but traditional device measurements will not capture microbursts. By deploying Accedian Networks NIDs, you get accurate test data at sub-second polling intervals, which provides near real-time tests for latency and packet throughput statistics. When combining these NID tests with SevOne performance reports on the underlying infrastructure and devices, you get dashboards that encompass all of the critical performance metrics you require.

Proactive Alerts

SevOne uses a specialized adapter, called SevOne xStats™, to pull relevant performance statistics from the Accedian Vison EMS. This adapter imports the data into the SevOne performance analytics engine for baselining, alerting, and reporting. By baselining the test values and alerting when deviations occur, you get early notice of pending degradation, without suffering “false positive” notification during quiet periods.

Customer Use Case

A SevOne and Accedian customer uses a combined solution to measure their service delivery effectiveness to their customers. By deploying NIDs at their customer site and monitoring the infrastructure with SevOne, this company creates a site by site report that shows if their service is meeting the Service Level Guarantees.

Wireless Provider Challenges

Wireless providers have moved to 4G deployments and have taken advantage of the benefits of Ethernet for backhaul services. With its less costly devices, Ethernet provides a dramatic reduction in cost per bit. However, there is a resulting trade-off in reduced native performance visibility when compared to TDM and ATM. Further, wireless providers need to identify if any performance events stem from network performance issues or radio issues outside their core network.

By deploying Accedian Networks NIDs and SevOne Performance Appliance Solutions, you can leverage an Ethernet Backhaul network and not sacrifice the visibility you require to accurately measure the performance of your critical customer-facing services. Further, with the ability to baseline and alert to deviations, you can quickly identify if the issue is a Core Network issue or a Radio/RF issue.

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