ServiceNow Alliance Overview

The Challenge

As businesses transition to a digital and software driven world, the delivery and performance of their software and applications is more critical than ever before. However, the complexity and challenge of today’s application infrastructures is growing exponentially. The only way to quickly resolve business disabling issues before they substantially impact their employees and customers in such complex environments is through machine based correlation and when possible automated resolution of issues.  Detecting an issue and then rapidly troubleshooting the performance of today’s application infrastructure, is complex and requires tight integration across operations teams.

What Did We Do?

To simplify the challenges of detecting and rapidly resolving issues, the IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) tema has partnered with ServiceNow to provide a certified and automated two-way integration between each other’s market leading technologies that closes the loop between insights and action to drive unmatched IT operational efficiency.  The result is a simple, powerful, and scalable closed loop analytics and operations solution for IT teams that not only generates insights, but automates the resolution process, drastically reduces the challenges for managing and maintaining next generation digital infrastructures.

SevOne NPM is able to detect issues and inject its real-time infrastructure management and alerting into ServiceNow, automating the creation of service incidents and tickets, enriching the information provided to operations teams drastically streamlining troubleshooting and problem resolutions.

SevOne NPM / ServiceNow integration can help you answer these critical questions:

  • Where are performance degradations having impact in the organization
  • What is the root cause of the disruption within the infrastructure
  • What part of the application is affected and which users are affected

Key Benefits

  • Real time notification of business impacting events across complex infrastructures
  • Correlation of machine based events and non-machine input such as user tickets
  • Automated actions to reduce outage times

Additional Benefits

Every business today is a digital business, relying on next generation digital infrastructures and applications to deliver unmatched user experiences. Businesses today differentiate with software, where performance and availability are competitive edges and foundational to success. This requires a next generation digital infrastructure that proves complex and difficult to scale, support, and maintain. In order to scale to support these infrastructures, foundational support and management systems must have tight integration and automation to simplify and streamline the challenge wherever possible.