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Closed Loop Analytics and IT Operations

Today, all businesses are digital businesses. Not only do they rely on next generation digital infrastructures and applications to deliver unmatched user experiences; they differentiate themselves with software. They also gain their competitive edge through superior performance and availability. All of this requires complex digital infrastructures that are difficult to scale, support and maintain. As a result, , foundational support and management systems must have tight integration and automation to simplify and streamline the challenge wherever possible.

Why SevOne NPM and ServiceNow

IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) can be integrated with ServiceNow via SevOne NPM Professional Services to help close the loop between insights and action to drive unmatched IT operational efficiency. The result is a simple, powerful and scalable closed loop analytics solution that not only generates operational insights, but automates the resolution process, drastically streamlining and simplifying the managing and maintaining of next generation digital infrastructures.

Integration Features & Benefits

servicenow SevOne closed loop

  • Where are performance degradations having an impact in the organization?
  • What is the root cause of the disruption within the infrastructure?
  • What part of the application is affected and which users are affected?
  • Bi-Directional integration.
  • Auto-creation of incidents in ServiceNow when alerts are triggered in SevOne NPM.
  • Auto-acknowledgement of SevOne NPM alerts when incidents are resolved in ServiceNow.
  • Real-time notification of business-impacting events across complex infrastructures.
  • Correlation of machine-based events and user tickets.
  • Automated actions to reduce outage times.

ServiceNow Partner Videos

ServiceNow Partner Videos

SevOne Alert StateServiceNow Action
NewCreate Incident
ClearResolve Incident
RecurranceUpdate incident occurrence count and timestamp
Acknowledge (optional)Change the incident to ‘Resolved’ state and update the close notes field to ‘Alert has been acknowledged by <user name>’ 
Ignore (optional)Change the incident to ‘Cancelled’ state and update the close notes field to ‘Alert has been ignored by <user name>’ 
Assign (optional)Change the incident to ‘Assigned’ state and update the work notes field to ‘Alert has been assigned to <user name>’ 
ServiceNow Incident StateSevOne Action
AssignedUpdate ‘comments’ field to ‘Alert has been assigned to <user name>’ and set ‘Assigned To’ field to <user name> 
Work in ProgressUpdate ‘comments’ field to ‘Alert has been assigned to <user name>’ and set ‘Assigned To’ field to <user name>
Pending ResolutionUpdate ‘comments’ field to ‘Alert has been resolved by <user name>’ 
ResolvedUpdate ‘comments’ field to ‘Alert has been resolved by <user name>’, and Clear Alert