5 Steps to Turbocharge Your Network Performance Management in 2021

Here at SevOne, we work with our customers worldwide on the network monitoring of very large and highly complex environments every day. Together we’ve learned what it takes to effectively manage network performance.

Using this hands-on experience, we’ve developed 5 Steps to Turbocharge Your Network Performance. Customers and prospects can use it to quickly measure their present network performance management capabilities against what is actually required in modern IT environments.

  • Step 1: Run a Report with Thousands of Network Interfaces in Seconds Reports shouldn’t take minutes to load – you should see them in seconds. Legacy NPM  products with centralized architectures and a single database often impact report generation performance – and not in a good way. SevOne Network Data Platform, with  its patented distributed architecture, allows you to run reports covering thousands of  devices and their interfaces in just seconds!                                                                                   
  • Step 2: Easily Understand What’s Normal and What’s Not Dial back your daily anxiety by baselining every performance metric to build up a  comprehensive and accurate understanding of the normal activity in your network. More importantly, with SevOne Network Data Platform, gain the ability to instantly spot what  isn’t normal so you can focus on it and take swift action. 
  • Step 3: Plan More Effectively with Simple Device-based Licensing Tired of guessing how many “elements” or “objects” there are in your environment, or how much flow data it will take to monitor that set of new devices in your network? With  SevOne Network Data Platform, we offer a simple device-based pricing model. Just  count all the network devices you want to monitor. Just one number…it’s that simple. 
  • Step 4: Collect and Analyze ALL of Your Metric and Flow Data As your networks evolve to be software-defined and Wi-Fi enabled everywhere, you need a management platform that is designed to collect and analyze ALL the  performance data. With SevOne Network Data Platform, you can collect all the metric  and flow data you need. Then teams can leverage out-of-the-box dashboards to visualize network performance data – and its ramifications – across your entire organization.  
  • Step 5: Stop Report Bloat – Build Reports Once and Leverage Dynamic Filters Tired of creating hundreds of reports that need to be continually reworked, updated and  maintained? SevOne Network Data Platform equips you to create dynamic filters in a single report. Now all the teams in your organization can save time by using the same reports, easily customizing them by simply selecting the groups of devices that are the  most relevant, useful, and interesting to them.   

Following these steps will help ensure that the evolution of your network doesn’t get too far ahead of your performance management capabilities. These steps can also serve as the beginnings of a roadmap or project plan for upgrading and improving your network performance management posture.

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