Integration with Alcatel-Lucent Service Aware Manager 5620

As carriers evolve their networks to support network function virtualization (NFV), it is critical they are able to monitor their networks whether they are on dedicated, high performance networks, virtualized cloud-based architectures, or a combination of both.

The Alcatel-Lucent 5620 Service Aware Manager is an integrated element/network management system that provides service-level visibility and assurance, simplified operations and advanced IP troubleshooting capabilities across all domains of the entire Alcatel-Lucent IP and IP-integrated optical network from access to metro to core, including the packet core, mobile backhaul and LTE Radio Access Network for wireless networks. The 5620 SAM provides a common interface to manage both virtualized and physical Alcatel-Lucent network functions.

Most carrier networks today are multi-vendor and have a diverse set of devices. IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) provides the fastest, most flexible way to collect metrics from multiple, multi-vendor data sources – including network devices, servers, network probes, proprietary business applications, and element management systems from network equipment vendors for LTE, IMS, and Ethernet backhaul components – and present them in side-by-side dashboards.

SevOne NPM can be configured via SevOne NPM professional services to collect data from the 5620 SAM, for dynamic real-time reporting, alerts and alarms and baselining of data, all from a single pane of glass across their entire multi-vendor, physical and virtual infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Obtain a real time view of key performance indicators of networks and services
  • Meet customer specific reporting requirements
  • Decrease mean time to repair with real-time dashboards and alerts of devices and services not performing optimally
  • Leverage real-time dashboards and reporting to meet and exceed service level agreements to customers
  • Plan the upgrade of infrastructure items with automatic baselining and capacity planning algorithms

SevOne NPM and 5620 SAM Overview

SevOne NPM has designed a very flexible integration with Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM. Available through SevOne Professional Services, the SevOne NPM integration with 5620 SAM is designed to support:

  • Device Level Stats - includes CPU utilization, memory consumption, temperature, and media independent performance statistics
  • Interface Statistics –includes bytes in, bytes out, errors, discards and utilization among others
  • Y.1731 – measures Ethernet Backhaul response statistics such as one way and round trip frame delay, frame loss, max and min for inbound and for outbound frames
  • Routing Protocol Level Statistics – BGP, OSPF, RIP and multicast metrics are provided
  • IP Management Statistics – DHCP allocation metrics and usage are provided
  • Additional Performance Metrics – customers can work directly with SevOne NPM Professional Services to collect, report and alert on additional Alcatel-Lucent performance metrics based on their monitoring needs