How The Financial Services Industry Uses SevOne NPM

Perhaps no other industry suffers the impact of network, application, and system performance issues as drastically as the financial services industry. Trades cannot be executed. Customer accounts are rendered inaccessible. Visibility of the market is lost.

Whether you are a commercial bank, investment bank, insurance company, or securities firm, your IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of your business. Minutes of downtime equates to millions of dollars.

IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) is used by a number of the world’s leading financial institutions to ensure business uptime and manage the health of their rapidly growing IT environments.

“With SevOne NPM, it’s easy to add devices, get instant charts, and configure reports on groups of devices. SevOne NPM is much quicker and easier than our other monitoring technology.” - Martin Appleyard, Network and Security Management, Thomson Reuters.

SevOne NPM Benefits for the Financial Services Industry:

  • Consolidate the Monitoring Infrastructure - SevOne NPM provides a single Performance Management Database (PMDB) that allows financial services firms to consolidate many of their existing tools onto a single monitoring and reporting platform. SevOne NPM accepts any third party time-stamped data into its reporting engine, allowing sub-second transactional latency metrics from inline packet capture solutions to be presented alongside network performance graphs.
  • Monitor Trade Networks - SevOne NPM provides the most reliable and granular polling on the market, with select, high-frequency object polling down to the second. Sub-minute polling assures performance-impacting events that impact trade activity – especially high volume, High-Frequency Trading (HFT) – are readily detected and dealt with before they disrupt the business.
  • Ensure Consistent Service Delivery - Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that target high-profile web servers such as online banking portals and credit card payment gateways have become more frequent and pose a tremendous financial threat. SevOne monitors for consistent delivery of services over your network in real-time and alerts you when performance falls outside of established thresholds.
  • Handle the Demands of Big Data - SevOne NPM scales to address the most demanding Big Data Network Analytics requirements, monitoring millions of elements across multiple networks and calculating trillions of baseline analytics with no degradation in speed or performance of the system.
  • Generate IT Reports in Seconds - Reports that take other products minutes or even hours to generate are delivered in seconds with SevOne NPM. Integrated SNMP to NetFlow graphs that reveal server, network, and traffic profiles in a coherent view allow IT teams to detect and resolve issues faster.
  • Ensure Successful Deployment of New Technologies - SevOne NPM guarantees certification of new devices in ten business days or less. This allows financial organizations to mitigate risk associated with major change by proactively detecting IT performance issues associated with new technology deployments, before they impact end users or result in lost business.
  • Support Data Center Consolidation - SevOne NPM supports consolidation initiatives by monitoring of both physical and virtual environments from a single pane of glass. Pre- and post- deployment metrics can compare systems performance and the impact the virtualization project has had on the network.