How The Healthcare Industry Uses SevOne

Every day, technological advances in healthcare add new devices and applications with a far-reaching diversity of connectivity and function, which pose significant challenges to the management of healthcare networks. IT failures or disruptions of service that might be tolerated short-term in other markets can result in dire, even fatal, patient outcomes in the healthcare sector. The SevOne Data Platform monitors millions of IT elements and flow data to ensure that the most accurate and timely information is always available to healthcare professionals instantly.

Performance and reliability requirements extend not only to essential medical systems, such as MRIs, CT scanners, drug dispensing robots, IV infusion pumps, life support systems, and so much more, but also to the business applications at medical institutions and auxiliary facilities. The SevOne Data Platform can monitor all these systems and devices in real time, providing reliable and uninterrupted network management so that health professionals have the tools and patient information they need at any given time. The top healthcare providers, such as NYU Medical Center, Christiana Health, St. Barnabas, and Alere Medical, rely on the real time, on-demand visibility delivered by the SevOne Data Platform.

Unique Healthcare Benefits:

  • Visibility: SevOne gives you the complete and instant visibility you need to monitor your systems proactively and troubleshoot issues quickly before any clinical impact occurs.
  • Scalability: SevOne scales to meet the demands in real time as new devices and applications are added to your network, allowing you to grow and incorporate the latest medical technology.
  • Automatic Data Collection: SevOne collects essential data automatically from your critical systems and from any designated sources - without agents - enabling clinical and business applications access across your institution auxiliary facilities.
  • Extensibility: Using SevOne xStats™ technology, SevOne can be integrated with any other based data system. Now you can see your IT performance stats on the same window as stats that impact IT, but are not considered IT data.
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