IPv6 Support

Because the world has run out of IPv4 addresses, the transition to IPv6 is fast approaching. The global cutover is accelerating, driven initially by government mandates and now increasingly by the explosion in mobile devices, RFID sensors, and smart appliances. These new devices and technologies are consuming IP addresses at unprecedented rates.

The transition to IPv6 presents new challenges to maintaining uninterrupted IT operations. One of the most important features of IPv6 transition technologies is visibility into the performance of IT infrastructure at all stages of the crossover — before, during and after the transition. Operators of networks of every type, large and small, local and distributed, must prepare to face this imminent challenge. Start by asking yourself this fundamental question: Do you understand the risks to your IT operations and the potential management blind spots presented by IPv6 migration?

IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) can assist you through this unavoidable transition by showing you exactly how your network, servers and applications are behaving before, during and after migration, and the SevOne NPM can help you resolve any performance issues that arise before they can have an impact on services.

Unique Capabilities:

  • Supports Monitoring for IPv4, IPv6 and Dual-Stack Environments: Ensures complete visibility and monitoring throughout your transition. In other words, with SevOne NPM you can easily monitor IPv4 devices on an IPv6 network, IPv6 devices on an IPv4 network or IPv6 devices on an IPv6 network.
  • Unified IPv4 and IPv6 NetFlow Support: Enables the visualization of total application use and bandwidth consumption, regardless of IP address type.
  • Collection at Scale: Ensures the collection of performance data at scale, while delivering critical information on demand.