Monitoring the Ratio of Upload Traffic to Download Traffic

How can you measure the ratio between uploads and downloads to identify improper router configurations and possible errors in load balancing?

SevOne NPM Solution

IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) collects key performance indicators (KPIs) from the core network devices and then performs math on the collected values using our real-time performance monitoring platform to calculate aggregate values. These values should stay in a 3 to 1 ratio, or they would indicate an underlying problem on the network.

Operational Benefit

Network operations teams can quickly identify routing mismatches between upload and download routes. This visibility helps them avoid service interruptions by making the necessary routing changes to ensure symmetry in their upload and download paths.

Business Benefit

To reduce customer churn and ensure end user experience, customer care teams receive the performance data they need to make sure that users are not impacted by improper route configurations or load balancing errors.