Monitoring Business-Critical Applications

A global pharmaceutical company was unable to proactively monitor the performance of their Business-Critical Applications, including an application that picked prescription drugs from its warehouse shelves. Any time the application or the underlying infrastructure failed, the company was incapable of recognizing revenue due to missed drug shipments.


With the IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM), the company shifted from reactive troubleshooting to proactive performance monitoring, allowing Operations teams to address potential performance issues before end-users of the application were impacted. By grouping the underlying devices in SevOne, the company was able to view application health in simple red/green status indicators. In turn, internal customers were better protected from potential revenue loss and their ability to recognize revenue improved significantly due to on-time shipment of prescription drugs.

How SevOne NPM Helped

  • Allowed the customer to import a list of devices and build device groups that supported their business-critical applications
  • Automatically established baseline metrics for all devices supporting the applications, allowing alarms to trigger based on deviations from expected performance.
  • Identified when any of the infrastructure devices that delivered their business-critical applications were performing at substandard levels.
  • Built a performance dashboard for the Operations Center that provided a quick visual reference for the troubleshooting teams with red/green indicators of application health.
  • Allowed the company to receive proactive alerts protecting their internal customers, informing them of a potential degradation to services.
  • Improved troubleshooting hand-offs between the network and application teams, resulting in decreased MTTR.