Monitoring Merged Business Units

Having recently acquired five different companies, a parent company faced daily turmoil in regards to managing the network and application performance of its subsidiaries, resulting in organizational finger pointing and lack of productivity. The lack of a unified reporting and monitoring platform caused Operational and troubleshooting difficulties as the newly merged entities tried to integrate their networks and systems.


The company adopted a new shared services model across all business units with the SevOne Data platform as their sole performance management solution. With complete visibility over the entire IT infrastructure, the company improved network and application performance monitoring, eliminated infighting, and provided reporting on a regional and business unit basis for their internal customers.

How SevOne Helped

  • Eliminated the cost associated with seven disparate monitoring tools that were not integrated and could not provide the level of insight required by the business
  • Established a single source of the truth for all IT. performance issues, regardless of business unit, eliminating internal blame games over root cause
  • Improved Voice over IP (VoIP) call quality between all subsidiaries by monitoring and identifying voice gateways with the highest IP SLA response times and worst calls based on jitter and latency
  • Improved Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) by standardizing previously autonomous troubleshooting teams onto a single performance management platform
  • Delivered real-time, customized dashboards of performance information for engineering, operations, and executives, based on their unique informational needs
  • Ensured project success that led to the project sponsor being promoted to North American Manager of Network Engineering
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