Monitoring the SIM-OTA Service for the Launch of an iPhone

A tier 1 cellular provider needed to monitor the successful activation of the iPhone. To ensure the launch was successful, this provider identified the key devices that executed SIM card activations and used IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) to build a performance dashboard that showed them all of their data in one place.


This provider did not have an effective way to access the performance data of their activation systems. As a result, they had no way to protect themselves from performance degradation. This visibility gap posed a significant risk because in the event of a performance degradation, they could not identify what was causing the poor user experience for their new customers.

The provider also wanted to monitor and track synthetic tests that would emulate the network path of the users who needed to access their activation systems and their SIM-OTA devices. By running synthetic test they could baseline normal response times to monitor for any deviations.

SevOne NPM Solves the Visibility Gap

SevOne NPM provided this customer with an effective way to monitor all of the key performance data that they needed to monitor their new customer activations. SevOne NPM was able to build a SIM-OTA service specific dashboard that included:

  • Activation host performance and session counts
  • Synthetic response time tests from active testing probes
  • Firewalls which front-ended the hosts
  • Load Balancers which load balanced the traffic to the activation hosts

Operational Benefit

  • Th SevOne NPM operations dashboard showed the real-time performance level for all of the devices that supported the OTA-SIM service
  • This dashboard provided a single pane of glass for all of the KPIs the customer needed to effectively monitor their service
  • SevOne NPM baselined the KPIs and alerted to deviations from normal to provide proactive alerts

Business Benefit

With a high profile launch of the iPhone this customer could not afford to have poor performance for new customers who wanted to activate their phones. By monitoring all of the KPIs and by running synthetic tests, the business had a measure of protection against unforeseen customer satisfaction issues and they protected their brand from unfavorable publicity.