Multi-Tenancy Support

As a service provider or IT organization, you are responsible for delivering information about the performance of the infrastructure and services you are providing. Delivering this “proof of quality” to your end-users is second only to your own need for meaningful performance visibility, essential for managing, improving, enhancing and differentiating your services. IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) provides multi-tenancy capability designed to achieve these goals.

SevOne NPM gives service provider administrators the flexibility needed to report segregated experiences for their end-users in a controlled manner, securing select visibility of relevant devices and objects. With SevOne NPM, you can define policies that automatically group and classify discovered devices, and ensure restricted access via authentication.

Unique Capabilities:

Robust Data Segregation

  • Deploying shared SevOne NPM virtual appliances lets you manage separate customers or business units, reducing your overall solution footprint.
  • With SevOne NPM, you can deliver cost-effective end-customer reports and dashboards at scale.
  • You control which users and groups of users have access to specific devices or groups of devices.

Robust User Permissions

  • Powerful permissions enable segregated reporting so your users see only those components of the network used to provide their services.
  • With SevOne NPM, you can selectively empower users to administer and configure aspects of reports and alerts that you control.
  • You can also selectively allow users to define new thresholds and to create custom reports for their own devices and users.