NetFlow Analysis for Improved Troubleshooting

When monitoring the performance of applications and networks, the more insight you have into the actual traffic, the better. NetFlow provides this insight.

Without the need of probes or sniffers, you can quickly and continuously monitor the makeup of the traffic traversing your most critical links. SevOne NPM allows you to quickly spot bandwidth hogs and wasteful traffic, and gives you an understanding of how applications are using your network. These insights are critical to the decisions on how best to prioritize traffic and on the creation of policies to eliminate wasteful traffic.

SevOne NPM helps you take full advantage of valuable NetFlow data for use in network and application performance management  to create the industry’s most comprehensive, scalable and affordable solution for Flow collection and reporting.

Unique Capabilities:

Broad NetFlow Support

  • SevOne NPM incorporates all flavors of flow collection technology in addition to NetFlow, including IPFIX, sFlow, NetStream, and Juniper J-Flow.
  • Broad Cisco NetFlow support — the Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM) family of products, Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR and NBAR2), Flexible NetFlow, NetFlow v5/v9 and Medianet Performance Monitor support — is included.
  • Support for 200+ available fields of NetFlow means you are not limited to predetermined fields or templates.

Scalable Flow Collection

  • SevOne NPM collects up to 200,000 flows per second, or 12 million flows per minute, and can be peered with any number of SevOne NPM appliances. The patented SevOne NPM Cluster technology allows you to grow your data collection infinitely.

Immediate Access to Historical Data

  • Collecting at one-second intervals, SevOne NPM can store up to seven days of raw NetFlow data and one year of aggregated flow data at one-minute intervals for each report template and interface, allowing you to detect micro-spikes or short bursts of activity that can cause network disruption.
  • SevOne NPM enables troubleshooting of low bandwidth and high impact events such as DNS storms, which is not possible with other flow-based solutions.

Detect Micro Spikes

  • One-second visibility with raw data allows you to see small bursts of traffic, which can reveal important information. Other tools miss these micro spikes when they average their data and provide aggregated reports.

One-Click Metric-to-Flow Troubleshooting

  • When troubleshooting an alert such as a spike in utilization, SevOne NPM provides one-click navigation to Flow reports that instantly show the associated traffic for the exact period of time for that specific interface, reducing troubleshooting time and providing rapid isolation of the infrastructure component at fault.
  • Our Metric to Flow feature allows any metric (e.g., Cisco IP SLAs, JMX, and WMI) to be associated with Flow data to provide the same one-click navigation.

Identifies Rogue Applications

  • With port-based identification, the SevOne NPM provides a list of recognized applications. You can customize this list to track and report on applications specific to your environment.
  • You can use “Type of Service” (ToS) Filters to identify the traffic running on your network, as well as non-approved applications that are consuming bandwidth. You can also determine the impact of the traffic and the non-approved applications on your Quality of Service (QoS) policies.

Identify Top Talkers

  • SevOne NPM provides a Top Talkers report to show quickly what type of traffic contributed to the spike. From this Top Talker view, SevOne enables users to resolve DNS as well as check the “Next Hop.”