Flow Analytics for Application Performance Insights

Flow analytics allows you to quickly and continuously monitor the traffic on your most critical links – all without the additional cost of probes or sniffers. Using flow analytics you can spot rogue applications, bandwidth hogs and congestion, and gain an understanding of how applications are behaving on your infrastructure. These insights are critical when making decisions on how best to prioritize traffic, plan capacity expansions and create policies to improve application performance.

IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) seamlessly integrates the industry’s highest capacity flow collection, analytics and reporting with parallel, metrics, logs and end user experience collection. As a result, you get real-time operational insights that help with troubleshooting, traffic analysis, and capacity planning – all at a scale that is unmatched by other vendors.

Unique Capabilities

Support for the Broadest Set of Technologies

  • Support for all of today’s leading flow collection technologies, including NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, cFlow, J-Flow, AppFlow and NetStream

Deep Visibility Without External Probes

  • Broad Cisco NetFlow support includes Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM) family of products, Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR and NBAR2), Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC), Cisco Application Response Time (ART), Flexible NetFlow, NetFlow v5/v9 and Medianet Performance Monitor support.
  • Support for 200+ available fields of NetFlow means you get access to support for variable length fields and our unique lookup ID database that turns machine readable codes into human readable information for quicker insight into URLs visited or hit counts.

Fast, Distributed Flow Reporting

  • Collect up to 12 million flows per minute and grow your data collection infinitely as part of a SevOne NPM Cluster.
  • Never miss an important event - SevOne NPM collects at one-second intervals, and stores up to seven days of raw flow data and one year of aggregated flow data at one-minute intervals for each report template and interface. With SevOne NPM you can detect micro-spikes or short bursts of activity that can cause disruptions, revealing important information that other tools can miss.

Real-time Edge Analytics On Flow Data

  • Create policies and thresholds on flow data and detect anomalous conditions or alert on abnormal applications or traffic behaviors
  • With port-based identification, SevOne NPM provides a list of recognized applications you can customize to track and report on applications specific to your environment.
  • Use Type of Service (ToS) filters to identify the traffic running on your network, as well as non-approved applications that are consuming bandwidth. You can also determine the impact of the traffic and the non-approved applications on your Quality of Service (QoS) policies.

Deeply Integrated Workflows

  • When troubleshooting an alert such as a spike in utilization, SevOne NPM provides one-click navigation to flow reports that instantly show the associated traffic for the exact period of time for that specific interface, reducing troubleshooting time and providing rapid isolation of the infrastructure component at fault.
  • The metric to flow feature allows any metric (e.g., Cisco IP SLAs, JMX, SNMP and WMI) to be associated with flow data to provide the same one-click navigation.
  • Flow alerts can be integrated into dashboards and status maps to provide immediate visual cues to events in your infrastructure.

Business Benefits of Flow Analytics

  • Gain visibility into application and infrastructure behaviors without the cost of dedicated traffic probe solutions.
  • Get a deeper understanding of traffic patterns, application usage and types of service.
  • Understand bandwidth use down to protocols and conversations to better target capacity increases and infrastructure optimization.
  • Turn your deeper understanding of application traffic and infrastructure behaviors into actionable operational insights

Want More Confidence In Your Infrastructure?

With SevOne NPM you can leverage flow analytics to gain insights into the performance of your applications and the behaviors of your infrastructure. These insights can be used to improve customers’ quality of experience, optimize infrastructure for performance and cost, and reduce the time it takes to identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues -- all without the added expense of probes or the complexity of multiple platforms and tools.