Network Monitoring for the Federal Government

The U.S. Federal government faces unique challenges in delivering critical services here and around the world. Federal agencies are continually being asked to do more with less. As government organizations enter this new era of IT consolidation, the demand for network-based services is increasing, driven by network intensive applications and the convergence of voice, data, and video network services. In addition, the various network and IT support centers are increasingly held accountable for the performance of the applications and services on their networks and for testing and verifying the performance of their service providers. As such, they require a next generation performance management system that can collect and report on performance metrics, without limits, and support immediate operational troubleshooting and executive decision making. This enables the entire team to become more proactive in recognizing trends, predicting capacity problems and preventing minor service degradations from becoming major problems for users of the network.

Proactively monitoring network performance is critical – most IT service impacting events are preceded by detectable changes in key systems performance indicators such as increased network utilization levels, CPU spikes, memory leaks and response time degradations. In spite of this, most IT organizations fail to detect these critical changes, resulting in a series of potential “losses” – lost productivity, lost opportunity, lost confidence and even lost revenue. Failure to collect and monitor enough performance data means that IT operations staff misses the opportunity to proactively identify the anomalies that are the key indicators of potential problems. Without the complete and immediate visibility of what is happening, your IT organization is merely reactive to service interruptions rather than proactively preventing them and ensuring the services levels are being met.

Complete and Immediate Visibility with SevOne

SevOne, Inc. provides the industry leading, next generation network performance management and availability monitoring that Federal agencies require. Established in 2005, SevOne provides a distributed network performance management solution that delivers the industry’s fastest, most scalable, and comprehensive real-time network monitoring, troubleshooting and performance reporting solution. The SevOne Data Platform provides complete and immediate visibility that enables government organizations and their systems integrators and service providers to keep their increasingly complex networks, servers and applications functioning at peak performance levels and meeting their required service levels.

Why SevOne for Service Assurance

Whether you are directly managing your infrastructure or overseeing a service provider, SevOne provides the immediate information needed to proactively troubleshoot operational problems and ensure service levels are being met. Hundreds of customers, including major Army installations, civilian agencies, 4 of the 5 top cable companies in North America and 3 of the largest integrators and managed service providers, and F500 enterprises rely on SevOne. The key advantages that SevOne provides include:

  • Most complete visibility and integration of performance data
  • Agentless monitoring and broad collection capability
  • Unlimited scalability from peer-to-peer architecture
  • Instant reports, scalable reporting, drag-n-drop portal
  • Accurate capacity forecasting based on one year of raw data
  • 10 day SLA for new device certification
  • Fast deployment and low TCO from all-in-one appliance

What SevOne Does

The SevOne Data Platform gathers critical performance data, builds baselines of normal utilization levels, and then alerts when utilization deviates from the historical norms. SevOne utilizes the distributed processing power of its peered appliances for rapid calculation and display of data. SevOne produces up-to-the-second live reports for time spans measured in months, with the last polled or collected data always represented. Configurable report templates include top ten utilized interfaces, devices with highest packet drops, data latency, amongst many others. Key reporting capabilities include:

  • Instant Graphs - ad hoc reports showing multiple indicators from multiple network devices
  • Dashboards - multiple graphical and tabular reports in a single console view
  • Network Overview Reports - quickly scan the entire IT infrastructure to determine the most utilized interfaces, highest CPU utilizations and other “top” lists
  • Alerts Console - view critical network events at an overview level, then drill down into a device report and see more detailed performance data for troubleshooting purposes
  • Scheduled Reports - the SevOne Report Manager can auto-distribute reports to stakeholders

SevOne provides the most powerful integration of performance metrics and flow reporting of any performance management solution. When troubleshooting and identifying a spike in utilization, SevOne provides a one click integration to build a flow-based report that takes you instantly to the associated traffic for the exact period of time for that specific interface. This flow-based integration speeds up your problem resolution and saves valuable time and effort when trying to understand what type of traffic traverses your network.

Federal Government Procurement

The SevOne Data Platform is available to U.S. Federal agencies through a strategic partnership with Blue Tech, Inc. as the holder of General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70 #GS 35F-5847H, and via the NASA SEWP IV (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) contract, and also directly from SevOne.

A U.S. Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) accreditation is expected in 1Q2012, which ensures that SevOne products meet strict U.S. Army and Department of Defense (DoD) standards for security, compatibility and sustainability.

Current government customers include the Department of the Army, international defense agencies such as Norwegian Defence, and federal systems integrators such as Lockheed Martin and MITRE.

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