Real-Time Decisions

Traditional monitoring tools, which review event, alarm, or state information about the network, simply don’t provide enough information to drive real-time decisions. Performance monitoring based on polling every few minutes is not granular enough to enable this change. What is required is highly granular performance data - data that is streamed from critical network devices that can then be analyzed in real-time and then shared immediately with users, external applications and tools to draw insights and act quickly on that intelligence.

Well the good news is that day is here. With streaming telemetry now available across broad sections of the Cisco router and switch line, network devices can be configured to stream raw telemetry data directly to management systems.

SevOne Data Cloud is designed specifically for the real-time collection and analysis of network streaming telemetry data. Users can now set granular policy-based event detection to analyze these network telemetry streams and enable multiple subscriptions of this analysis to be shared with users, external applications and tools to drive real-time decisions.

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