Reporting on Utilization Even When Your Circuit Speed Does not Match Your Physical Speed

In many cases, service providers have circuits that, by design, run at less than full capacity. This planning organization struggles to get accurate utilization data because the physical and the circuit value do not match, which results in inaccurate utilization values.


Using IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) to understand additional device description fields and  to pick up "tagged" data, SevOne NPM can recognize that an interface is delivering less than its maximum bandwidth and SevOne NPM automatically adjusts the reported circuit speed to avoid false positive performance alerts and inaccurate capacity projections.

Operational Benefit

This ability to avoid inaccurate performance alerts reduces the number of tickets for network operations centers.

Business Benefit

By having more accurate data, the planning organization can better project future utilizations and avoid any gaps in meeting customer demand for services.