SevOne NPM For CIO or IT Executives


IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) provides specific benefits for CIOs and IT Executives, including:

  • Achieve at-a-glance visibility of your infrastructure’s health - SevOne NPM provides real-time, meaningful dashboards of network and IT performance, allowing your organization to prove Key Performance Indicators related to delivering a quality end-user and customer experience.
  • Minimize resources required to monitor and manage your infrastructure - SevOne NPM requires fewer operational man hours to configure, deploy, manage, and maintain, allowing you to focus IT resources on innovation and revenue generation.
  • Remove scalability as an obstacle to business growth - SevOne NPM is unrivaled in delivering IT performance management solutions that scale with the most challenging demands of service providers and large enterprises, removing any obstacles to business growth.
  • Reduce time to market and improve initial performance of newly deployed technologies - SevOne NPM helps mitigate risk associated with change and deployment of new technologies by proactively detecting performance issues before they impact end users. Additionally, SevOne NPM proves pre- and post-performance metrics to ensure success of deployment.
  • Give customers visibility of value-added services - Demonstrate your ability to meet and exceed Service Level Agreements with customers by providing a self-service portal so customers can see the value your company delivers.