The SevOne Cluster™ Architecture

SevOne uses a patented, next-generation architecture built on the concepts of distributed computing. This architecture, known as the SevOne Cluster™, monitors millions of objects from a single pane of glass.

With SevOne, you get the fastest, most scalable performance monitoring platform available today. SevOne excels at handling the volume, variety, and velocity of data typical of today’s networks. Reports generate in seconds, not minutes or hours.

SevOne cluster architecture

The SevOne Data Platform deploys as a physical or virtual appliance. A single SevOne appliance monitors up to 300,000 objects. As you add appliances to your Cluster, monitoring capacity increases. Each appliance collects, stores, and reports data from only the devices assigned to it.

This approach allows users to log into any SevOne appliance and view information about the entire network. Each appliance works on its part of the report and sends its data to the requesting appliance. SevOne has eliminated the bottleneck of a centralized reporting database.

How You Benefit:

  • Immediate access to real-time data and up to a year of raw, as-polled data for granular views of performance metrics
  • Reports in seconds, no matter how large your monitored domain
  • A multi-threaded poller per appliance ensures no missed polls or gaps in performance data
  • Visibility into physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures from a single pane of glass
  • An all-in-one appliance requires less maintenance, a smaller footprint, and deploys in minutes
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