SevOne Common Criteria Certification

SevOne is committed to optimizing the security of its products and services. As part of that commitment, SevOne supports the Common Criteria certification program to ensure that SevOne products incorporate the features and functions required by relevant Common Criteria protection profiles, and completes Common Criteria certifications for SevOne products. Common Criteria certification is currently in process for the following SevOne software versions on SevOne 12th Generation Hardware:

  • SevOne Performance Appliance Solution 10k v5.5.0.1
  • SevOne Performance Appliance Solution 20k v5.5.0.1
  • SevOne Performance Appliance Solution 60k v5.5.0.1
  • SevOne Performance Appliance Solution 200k v5.5.0.1

As these products are released, the Common Criteria certification documents will be posted on:

If you have any questions about SevOne and Common Criteria, please let us know at:

If you are interested in learning more about SevOne products and how to purchase SevOne products with Common Criteria certification, please contact us at:

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