SLA Reporting

Today, the primary directive of any service-provider organization — as well as many enterprises — is to deliver optimal service-levels to their customers, and then provide proof that they are meeting or exceeding those service objectives. Moreover, Service-Level Improvement is among the highest priorities for any service organization, and the reliability and performance of the IT infrastructure is at the heart of achieving that goal.

Effecting and demonstrating promised service-levels and Service-Level Improvement on an ongoing basis depends on three basic factors:

  • Monitoring and maintaining performance of the IT infrastructure
  • Reliable measurement of quality (i.e. service-level) and improvements in quality
  • A way of showing the measured quality improvements to the customer

Because the only evaluation of service that matters is your customers’, you need to be able to demonstrate visibly to them that the service-level you promised is what you are delivering. When you make improvements to that service-level, you need to be able to show them graphically that their service has gotten better. Aligning improvements in service with your customers’ expectations is a sure way to have a positive impact on your business — but only if they know it and believe it.

The leading provider of performance management for diverse network- and IT-based services, IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) gives you the complete and instant visibility you need to monitor and improve service levels, and notifies you proactively of any pending performance issues that might impact service. These capabilities allow you to measure improvements in the quality of your service and show the results demonstrably. SevOne NPM also allows you to share, selectively, those measurement results with your customers graphically so they can see that you have made good on your service-level delivery promise.


Today, many organizations rely on SevOne NPM to support their troubleshooting, capacity planning and optimization efforts because these processes are critical to successful Service-Level Management. They also share SevOne NPM's graphic reports with their customers to show they are meeting service-level agreements and to demonstrate improvements in service as they occur.

Unique Capabilities:

  • Collect, report and analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from all IT service delivery components, regardless of source.
  • Enables dynamic and real-time service dashboards for use across your organization in support of the Service Level Management processes.
  • Allows teams to share these service dashboards selectively with customers to prove Service-Level Agreements and Service-Level Improvements.
  • Provides a single, consolidated view of current, historical and predicted performance of your infrastructure.
  • Ensures adequate capacity to meet the business demands on an ongoing basis without incurring unnecessary costs.
  • Helps keep infrastructure costs under control through more efficient management of existing bandwidth and resources.