Usage Based Billing for the Enterprise Account

An enterprise company wanted to move to a "usage based billing" model, and charge IT resources back to internal business units. How can they measure bandwidth usage on their network and tie it back to individual users on their network for accurate billing?


The customer deployed the SevOne Data Platform to gather performance data from their global network. SevOne links their interface utilization data to NetFlow data for easy understanding of who is consuming bandwidth on their network. This Metric-to-Flow reporting happens automatically in SevOne which greatly reduces their administrative efforts.

Phase 2

Using Active Directory data SevOne rationalizes the NetFlow data to specific IT Addresses for per user billing.

Value to the IT Department

IT wanted to deliver a "utility compute" model that allows IT to bill their top consumers of IT resources including bandwidth. To meet this goal they needed accurate, trusted performance data that they could trust, and that their internal users would accept as valid.

Bonus Value to the IT Department

By using SevOne performance reports, the IT Department showed that the WAN acceleration program delivered the results it expected. By looking at traffic speeds and utilization before and after optimization efforts the IT group showed that the investment delivered measurable improvement in performance.

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