SevOne SDN Monitoring Solution

Complete Visibility Across Your Cisco ACI Infrastructure

Ease the Transition

  • Monitor your existing, traditional network and new software-defined infrastructure from the same dashboard.
  • Gain real-time, granular visibility of more than 30 different KPIs from your new Cisco ACI infrastructure immediately upon deployment.

Assess Business Impact

  • Understand how your infrastructure’s performance affects the applications and services available in your Cisco ACI deployment.
  • Easily extend visibility to other critical data center assets, or across the campus, wide area networks and branch offices.

One Dashboard

  • Create the dashboard and visualizations your operations and engineering teams require for a smooth transition to Cisco ACI.
  • Leverage pre-built visualizations including:
    • Tenant TopN Dashboard, Spine/Leaf Link Utilization, and Aggregated Views
    • Calendar, TopN, and Metadata Heatmaps
    • Proactive Detection of Anomalies
    • Automated Topology Maps

Why SevOne for SDN Monitoring?

Unprecedented Insights

This SevOne Solution delivers real-time views of the performance of your existing network and new ACI infrastructure.

Situational Awareness

Enables operators to instantly see when performance is not optimal, or when a change in the Cisco ACI implementation has been made.


Scales to meet the needs of organizations with the largest Cisco ACI deployments in the world through integration with Cisco ACI MSO.

Integrated Metric + Flow

Combine polled metrics and flow data at scale, along with alerting when there are any performance anomalies in your Cisco ACI infrastructure.

Real-Time and Historical

Gain both real-time and historical views of infrastructure health statistics across tenants, nodes, profiles and more.

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