Welcome to the SevOne "How to Use" Portal

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    SevOne has created a series of short how-to videos to help new users to better understand SevOne Network Data Platform.

    Data Appliance NMS

    Initial Setup

    How to add a device

    How to add devices via csv

    How to manage device groups

    How to manage object groups

    How to use selective discovery


    How to use user roles

    How to enable LDAP authentication


    How to enable DNS polling

    How to use custom calculations

    How to enable HTTP polling

    How to enable ICMP polling

    How to enable portshaker polling

    How to enable the process poller

    How to enable WMI polling

    How to check if SNMP is working

    How to enable IPSLA

    How to integrate metadata


    How to create maintenance windows

    How to build maintenance window graphs

    How to create alert options with maintenance windows

    How to use maintenance window APIs


    How to use subnet sweeper

    How to use cluster manager


    Configuring Alerts


    Configuring Flow Collection

    Data Insight

    Introduction to Data Insight

    Chaining Widgets in a Report

    Linking Between Reports

    Data Analytics Workspace

    Calendar Heatmap

    X/Y Reports

    Sankey Diagrams

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